Discover beautiful fauna and flora in Uludag Turkey

Beautiful and a popular year-round destination for holidays and camping with the whole family is Uludag in Turkey. Especially the flora and fauna is unique here. The forests in the area offer nature lovers in particular a wealth of opportunities. There is a lot to discover on relaxing hikes through the beautiful landscape. The diverse flora and fauna, isolated from mass tourism – that’s what makes this city special.

Discover beautiful fauna and flora in Uludag Turkey
Discover beautiful fauna and flora in Uludag Turkey

Holiday in Uludag

The name of the city not only denotes a soft drink, but is also an impressive mountain in Turkey. In fact, the most famous lemonade is made with mountain spring water. The city is particularly recommended as a travel destination for nature lovers. With a height of 2,542 meters, it is a mountain in the west of the country. A visit is also worthwhile for winter sports. There are many skiable slopes, beautiful waterfalls and hot springs. It is about 30 kilometers to the center of the city via a long mountain road. The area is a national park and allows beautiful views through the landscapes.

Discover hikes, winter sports and culture

Summer is beautiful and hot. This is probably why the flora and fauna are so impressive here. The wind often spreads pleasant breezes. The city is a popular destination for hikers and nature lovers because it is an extinct volcano. This reveals many warm springs. But not only mountain tours are possible, but also climbing the mountain peak with a subsequent phenomenal view. Winter sports here also have an absolute appeal. It is possible to obtain ski passes for all winter sports activities via the ski center. Vacationers often flock to this area from December through February. The accommodations are located in a dreamlike landscape and can be reached directly on site. Of course, there is also plenty to discover for culture lovers. Popular attractions in Uludag can be found in the national park. Here, large mosques and the market can be explored. The cable car is also very well known here. In the city museum, visitors will find old cars and a lot of history. There is also a zoo and a cultural park.

Incredible flora and fauna in Turkey

The Mediterranean coasts and the Black Sea are covered by extensive forests. Numerous types of fruit are also grown in the country, such as apricots, dates, apples and cherries. But citrus fruits, bananas, sunflowers, turnips, wine and tobacco also thrive here. The country is also one of the world’s largest producers of pistachios and hazelnuts. Cotton is also grown here. Depending on the region, the extensive national territory of the country is characterized by varied vegetation. The Black Sea coast is rainy and covered with dense forests. The forests are interrupted by hazelnut and fruit plantations. Tea and rice are grown further east. The Anatolian Plateau is known as the country’s breadbasket. It is characterized by a continental climate with typical steppe vegetation. Onion plants, poplars, mugwort, grasses and absinthe grow here. Depending on the altitude of the area, there are also oak, fir and pine forests. The underwater world is as rich as the animals that live here. These include wild boar, wild sheep, reptiles (mostly lizards), scorpions, snakes, buzzards, hawks, eagles, falcons and vultures. A landscape – beautiful and dreamlike.