Trip abroad with a lot of fun factor for foreigners Seoul South Korea

Seoul – the capital of South Korea – is considered to be a particularly important educational, economic and cultural center. Located in the north, Seoul lies on the Hangang River. The center is surrounded by a mighty mountain landscape. An enchanting journey that will probably remain unforgettable.

Trip abroad with a lot of fun factor for foreigners Seoul South Korea
Trip abroad with a lot of fun factor for foreigners Seoul South Korea

A trip abroad to South Korea

The cultural and business center of the city, where historic palaces, pagodas and skyscrapers tower. The view of the city is a breathtaking treat from the top of the Tower. It was built on the highest point of Namsan Park. South Korea offers beautiful shops and tea houses. Changdeokgung Palace is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Sinchon student area is the most popular in the city. There are three major universities here – Ewha Women’s University, Sogang University and Yonsei University. Sinchon has a fun factor in the evening. There are neon signs everywhere. The hustle and bustle of this trip abroad is something very special. The nightlife offers karaoke bars, rock cafes, bars and clubs. Monuments, markets, educational and cultural centers and palaces are also interesting for foreigners.

palaces, temples and the N S. Tower

The Changdeok Palace is located in the middle of a large park. The name means “palace of blooming virtue”. He is very popular in Seoul. As is the Jogyesa Temple. It is located right in the center and is the headquarters of the Buddhist Jogvejong order. About 90 percent of Korean residents belong to the order. The YTN-S. Tower extends to 230 meters. It is the tallest building in South Korea. The absolute highlight is the view. The entrance area offers a teddy bear museum, a candy shop and a shop where souvenirs can be bought. On the higher levels are some restaurants offering Korean food. But locals and foreigners can also enjoy European cuisine and citizens here. The absolute highlight of the trip abroad is probably the open viewing platform. The view is fantastically beautiful.

Shopping until late

The traditional Korean Namdaemun Market first opened its doors in 1964. It is the largest and oldest market in South Korea. This is located at the southern gate to the old town. There are over 1,000 shops on the site. They have everything your heart desires – clothing, handicrafts, accessories and much more. However, the food area is the biggest attraction. Countless restaurants offer local cuisine here.

A fun factor that is second to none

One of the largest indoor amusement parks can be found in South Korea – Lotte World. The inner area is huge and an experience for big and small visitors. The amusement park also includes an artificial island, Magic Island. The ice rink, 3D cinemas and museums are also busy all year round. Shows feature dancers in various costumes reminiscent of Rio Carnival. Plenty of restaurants offer the crowning glory.

Something to think about

If you want to explore, head to the War Memorial of Korea Museum. This is a war site mainly revolving around the Korean War of 1950-1953. Inside the museum there are exhibits such as photos and depictions of the battles or maps. The outer area shows many machines of the war, helicopters, tanks and airplanes.