Cheap travel for active athletes in Calcutta India

Sport gives us momentum, strength and it is healthy. Sports tourism is therefore becoming more and more important for India. The most popular sport in this country is cricket. But hockey and soccer are also growing in popularity. Young people in particular enjoy badminton, basketball and tennis. Squash, swimming and athletics are also on the rise. Calcutta is also very accommodating to athletes. Tourists love sports activities in this city. A cheap trip is quite possible for athletes.

Cheap travel for active athletes in Calcutta India
Cheap travel for active athletes in Calcutta India

Calcutta offers tourists water sports and boat tours

Water rides are an insider tip for the adventurous sports tourists. This activity is particularly popular with tourists who feel good and want to combine their sporting activities with a stay in the wonderful nature around Calcutta. There are guided tours in smaller groups. The equipment for this is provided.

Fitness parks and outdoor gyms

The inexpensive trip also takes athletes in the city to one of the outdoor fitness studios. Outdoor fitness parks even allow all types of functional training. Existing pull-up bars allow calisthenics workouts as well as personal fitness training on your area. The straight bar dips are available for shoulders. Obstacle runs, obstacle courses, bootcamp workouts, pool dancing, sling training and self-weight exercises on the forest floor can also be carried out on the training grounds. Other sports are, for example, walking or jogging, which can be practiced in many of the city’s parks. You can also try traditional Indian sports like the Guli Danda. This cricket-like game is played here by both children and adults when they cannot afford cricket bats. The traditional Indian team sport Kabbadi completely without a play equipment. Of course, vacationers have the opportunity to learn cricket at an academy. On weekends, dozens of cricket teams and soccer teams meet. Tourists are also allowed to take part in one of the teams under the shady trees.

Hikes, bike tours and water sports around Calcutta

Eight kilometers from the city, athletes have a wide range of opportunities to do sports, in or on the water to the nearby tiger reserve. Extensive hikes and bike tours away from the big city are undertaken through the very diverse landscape.

Learn yoga with yoga teachers

Yoga is the perfect sport for the health conscious tourist traveling India. Beginners, advanced and professionals – there is a course for every level in small groups with experienced teachers.

Sports hotels and hotels with fitness centers

Sports tourists who do not want to miss the daily workout on their vacation in the city are advised to book a sports hotel as their accommodation. There is sure to be a cheap trip with Sporthotel. In the hotel with a fitness center, sports activities and a healthy lifestyle can still be maintained while on vacation in India. Some of the accommodations offer holidaymakers a pool and wellness area in addition to the fitness area.
Sports tourists who want to go on a yoga holiday will find many hotels in convenient locations near popular sights or tourist attractions.


In general, the metropolis and its surroundings offer active vacationers many extraordinary opportunities to be active in sports. Inexpensive sports equipment can be bought on site. In a football stadium with an attached athletics facility, tourists can watch athletics competitions and football matches live. Sport is becoming more and more important. This metropolis is also very interesting for tourists who are enthusiastic about sports. You get to know the city and its sights and do not have to do without the beloved sport.