Hospitality in Turkey is again confirmed by tourists in Antalya

Turkey has always been one of the countries that is known for a very high level of hospitality. Beautiful cities such as Antalya as well as numerous excursions can be explored by visitors. But what about the conditions and mentality of the Turks in the proud country?

Islamic tradition and mentality

The country on the Bosphorus is a very traditional country with some peculiarities and special circumstances. Islamic culture is also well represented in the tourist centers. Nevertheless, especially in the metropolises not in a way that speaks for conservative lifestyles and behaviors, quite the contrary. If you are looking for relaxation, you will find it in this country in very different ways and that in combination with a touch of the exotic and oriental chic. Everywhere in the popular tourist country you will find mosques and cultural institutions that reflect the proud stories of the former Ottoman Empire. Turkish families are best known for a successful mix of tradition and modern influences. However, one thing has remained almost everywhere in modern families, the high orientation towards the guest, which invites you to linger.

Hospitality in Turkey is again confirmed by tourists in Antalya
Hospitality in Turkey is again confirmed by tourists in Antalya

Guided tours and excursion sites

If you are on vacation in the former Ottoman Empire, you should definitely try to visit all possible relevant sights of the individual regions in which you are located. Every part of the country has its own peculiarities and exciting stories to discover. An excellent option is to visit Antalya, for example. Tourists will find a variety of cultural opportunities here. Guided tours through the historical hemispheres of the city, visits to the old town or visits to the popular markets and sales areas in the popular country. What is striking here is the friendliness and open-mindedness of the local people. Tradition in modern times comes very close to describing this behavior. When shopping, tourists receive delicious tea and delicious pastries combined with pleasant conversations.

Extensive exploration tours for shopping

There is hardly another aspect that is indispensable from Turkey, such as the shopping of chic fashion in very different qualities. Visitors can look forward to various highlights here. On the one hand, the Turks also take care of their purchases, on the other hand there are always very good discounts if you negotiate sensibly when buying. The Turks understand selling. Customers who are looking for very good support are certainly not wrong here.

Culinary delicacies and hospitality in the hotel and catering industry

One of the synonyms for the former Ottoman Empire is certainly the hospitality of the Turks. Here you can really feel comfortable on vacation, like in 1000 and one night. And this is exactly the kind of hospitality that the Turks want because they see themselves as service providers who are close to their guests. Here tourists will find immeasurably delicious food, in addition to a not too intrusive service mentality that is convincing. As a rule, guests who have been to the country always come back. Also striking is the strong focus on families and children. Today’s children are tomorrow’s guests. The country has internalized this concept very strongly.

Conclusion: hospitality in Turkey

The orientation towards the guests, the high service and service mentality as well as the great excursion destinations in the country on the Bosporus have always been highlights of the holiday industry. Children play a very big role with the Turks. You want the children to be fine on vacation and not only to be able to relax their parents, but also that the children can have fun on vacation. One of the most popular cities here is the Turkish city of Antalya. The city is very centrally located and covers the tourist areas in the southern part of Turkey. From here vacationers can discover the country and have fun.