Adventure activities in Johor Bahru Diving, climbing, hiking and much more

Malaysia has a lot to offer and is also a country full of adventure, excitement and relaxation for tourists. In Johor Bahru in particular, the interested tourist can pursue adventure activities and take away many exciting impressions from their vacation. The Malaysian city is a port city and is used by tourists as a starting point for exploration tours.

Adventure activities in Johor Bahru Diving, climbing, hiking and much more
Adventure activities in Johor Bahru Diving, climbing, hiking and much more

Johor Baharu – the “new jewel”

Different spellings are known for the port city in Malaysia. Johore Bahru is another spelling that is used for the city full of adventure. The “new jewel”, as the port city is translated, is also known colloquially as “JB”. The city invites you to a variety of activities and, as a port city, is particularly suitable for diving. In addition to activities such as diving and climbing, nature lovers can also hike in the city and enjoy nature.


The sights of “JB” include the Sultan’s Palace, the Abu Bakar Mosque, the Sri Mariamman Temple, the Church of the Immaculate Conception and the park “Istana-Garden Johor”. The park attracts many visitors and the sultan’s palace invites you to take a tour. The Johor State Mosque is located near the Sultan’s Palace and is said to be one of the most beautiful mosques in the country. The mosque was inaugurated in 1900. It took a total of eight years for the mosque to be completed. The Abu Bakar Mosque was built in the Victorian style and has a fascinating architectural design.

Enjoy the city atmosphere

If you want to enjoy the atmosphere of the city with around 1,500,000 inhabitants, you should pay a visit to Tan Hiok Nee Heritage Street. It is advisable to stroll through the street with a tourist guide or tour guide who can tell about the previous immigrants and can recommend a local snack. The administrative center of Kota Iskandar also invites you to visit. The parliament hall can be visited during the weeks without a session. The parliament hall offers many Malay and Moorish-Andalusian motifs.

Johor Bahru – adventure and more

If you want to visit the city not only for sightseeing and a relaxing holiday, but also want adventure, you can accept the offers for diving, hiking and climbing. Snorkeling and diving are almost part of a vacation in the port city. There are many diving schools in the city that offer courses and can also offer interesting diving tours for already trained and active divers. Shark diving can also be done in Johor Bahru, depending on what is on offer. Exactly what offers there are in town for diving and snorkeling vacations should be explored before the trip. In addition to diving and snorkeling adventures, there are other interesting activities in the city. Interested vacationers can, for example, visit an escape room in JB or do other outdoor activities than snorkeling and diving. If you are interested in the escape room, you will find it at “LOST in JB”, for example.

Climbing and hiking

If you are looking for more adventure, you will find it in the Hutan Bandar Recreational Park as well as in other parks in JB. In addition to hiking opportunities, JB also offers the opportunity to take quiet walks and bike rides. Anyone looking for adventure activities in Malaysia will find them in JB. Diving, snorkeling, canoeing and many other water sports are possible in the port city. The city also offers an extraordinary atmosphere and invites families, singles, couples and many other groups of people to a vacation of their own accord. Travel guides can show tourists the most interesting sights while also giving recommendations for other adventure activities.