Jeju in South Korea, the subtropical volcanic island with breathtaking forests for foreigners

South Korea is anything but popular as a travel destination. The diverse country is a completely underrated travel destination. In addition to the metropolis, there are a few other places to discover. If you are planning a trip to South Korea, don’t miss Jeju Island! The popular Korean holiday island is located in the south of the country between Korea Strait and the East China Sea. A plane leaves for Jeju Island every minute, and not without reason: the island is called “Honeymoon Island” by the locals and has a lot to offer foreigners.

Jeju in South Korea, the subtropical volcanic island with breathtaking forests for foreigners
Jeju in South Korea, the subtropical volcanic island with breathtaking forests for foreigners

The subtropical volcanic island is well known for its beautiful beaches

Hyeopjae Beach allows a beautiful view of Biyangdo Island, which can be seen directly from the beach. The silver beach floor is covered with small seashells and is good for a walk. The shallow water and the slowly sloping seabed offer perfect conditions, especially for families with small children. If you are spending a few days in Jeju, take a detour to the small neighboring island of Udo. This is easy to get to by ferry. You can experience the best panoramic view and a 1 km long white sandy beach here at Sanho Beach.

The beautiful forest landscape is ideal for relaxing walks

Especially in the Bijarim forest you can free your body and soul from everyday worries and find inner peace. With more than 2,800 nutmeg trees, the forest is home to one of the largest colonies of a single species. On hot summer days, a walk in the shade of the 500-800 year old trees is a pleasant cool-down. Allow around two to three hours for a circular walk on the well-signposted paths in the forest. You can also admire the unique landscapes of Weollangbong or Abu Oreum.

In addition to breathtaking forests, Hallasan, the highest mountain in South Korea, is an absolute must for hikers

The dormant Hallasan volcano is 1,950 meters above sea level and is located in the heart of the island. Hallasan is a UNESCO biosphere reserve with a crater lake, over 2000 different plant species, woodpeckers, chipmunks, butterflies and beetles. Depending on the degree of difficulty and the time required, you can choose between six different hiking routes. If you want to climb the summit of the volcano, you can expect a breathtaking view of the entire island in addition to the Baengnokdam crater lake. Depending on the season, nature, through which the numerous hiking routes run, has something different to offer. The hike in May is highly recommended, as Azeelen will be in full bloom along the hiking route. But the dry green in summer, the colorful variety of leaves in autumn or the winter splendor in snow and ice are definitely worth seeing. What is special is that there is almost no place in South Korea where you can experience untouched nature. Make sure that you climb the volcano early enough, because after dark it is no longer allowed to stay on the trails.

The subtropical volcanic island in South Korea with its breathtaking forests, beautiful plant diversity and white sandy beaches is more than just a honeymoon island for Koreans. As a foreigner, discover a travel destination that has not yet been popular and experience the slightly different side of South Korea.