Vacationers explore the great nature with the funicular in Penang Island Malaysia

Penang Island in Malaysia invites vacationers to discover great nature, history, culture, street food and colonial buildings. Not only the island’s capital has a lot to offer tourists.

Vacationers explore the great nature with the funicular in Penang Island Malaysia
Vacationers explore the great nature with the funicular in Penang Island Malaysia

Highlight for nature lovers – the mountain range on Penang

One of the most famous and most visited attractions on the island on the northwest coast of Malaysia is Penang Hill. It is located about 7 kilometers to the west of the island’s capital. During the colonial times it was used as a retreat by members of the government. The highest peak is 833 meters high. Another peak, the popular Penang Hill, is approximately 783 meters above sea level.

Fantastic panoramic view over the island and the great nature

The mountain is within walking distance. Alternatively, the funicular can be used to travel comfortably up to the summit. The funicular takes vacationers directly to the mountain station. Incidentally, it is the only mountain station in all of Malaysia that can be reached by cable car ride. Many tourists take a trip to Penang Hill to cool off at temperatures around 5 degrees Celsius lower than in the island’s capital. The definitive highlight besides the breathtaking view are the wildlife and the great nature. The tropical rainforest that frames Penang Hill is the habitat of numerous rare plant and animal species. For this reason, it was declared a nature reserve in 1960. There are also several attractions on Penang Hill. A wealth of interesting buildings can be visited here, including a Hindu temple and a mosque. Many tourists are surprised that there is even a small hotel, post office and police station on the mountain. There are also several museums, other attractions, a food court and several restaurants.

Take the cable car to the mountain station

The train runs from the mountain station to the mountain station every 15 minutes. The five-minute drive on the 2007 meter long, indescribably steep route is a spectacular, unforgettable experience because it leads directly through the jungle. The Penang Island cable car runs daily from 6:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. Adults pay RM 30 for a return ticket (two-way ticket) (around 6.02 euros). Children aged 4 to 12 pay RM 15 for the two-way ticket. One-way tickets are also available for RM 15. For those who don’t have much time, the purchase of a Fast Lane ticket is recommended because there is no long queuing. It costs RM 40 for children, RM 60 for seniors and RM 80 for adults. The seat in the front row offers the best view.

Hikes on and on Penang Hill

There are tons of hiking trails that lead directly up to Penang Hill. A hike through the jungle offers the perfect opportunity to discover the biodiversity of the flora and fauna, for example the cute goggles, on your own. From the middle station, hikers have the opportunity to take the train back to the valley station.

Discover nature and secluded beaches

The approximately 25 square kilometer national park on Penang Island offers holidaymakers an excellent opportunity to discover nature and secluded dream beaches. It is located about 25 kilometers to the northwest of the island’s capital. Holidaymakers can reach the national park from the capital inexpensively and comfortably with several public bus routes.