Tokyo for vacationers in the flickering neon lights city the perfect night life

Because Tokyo was often destroyed in earthquakes and bombing attacks, there are few historical buildings or corresponding parts of the city. So if you want to visit the Japanese capital, you have to be aware that a mega city awaits you. The metropolis is the most populous of all of Japan with about 9.64 million inhabitants. The city is also the industrial, commercial and cultural center of the country. Thus, you will find numerous universities, colleges, research institutions as well as theaters and museums there.

Tokyo for vacationers in the flickering neon lights city the perfect night life
Tokyo for vacationers in the flickering neon lights city the perfect night life

Vacation in the mega-metropolis of Tokio, there is something to experience.
Both modern and traditional plays can be admired in the numerous theaters. There are also many symphony orchestras as well as smaller orchestras that let you experience both Japanese and western music. If you want to marvel at traditional Japanese theatrical art, you will definitely find it at the National Theater in Hayabusacho. Museum lovers are also in good hands in the metropolis of Japan. The national museum of the metropolis is the oldest in the country. There are around 110,000 exhibits of Japanese art and archeology. If you are also interested in the city’s historical history, it is also worth visiting the Edo Tokyo Museum and the Fukagawa Edo Museum. Fans of local public transport should also visit the U-Bahn Museum, which has been in existence since 1986.

Imposing buildings

The Kokyo Imperial Palace dominates the historic city center, this residence is located on the site of the former Edo Castle and is surrounded by a large and extensive park. The Marunouchi district is the most important business district in the country, with numerous financial institutions and large corporations located there. The city’s landmarks include the 333-meter-high Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Midtown, a high-rise complex. Shopping fans will get their money’s worth in Tokyo’s largest shopping district. Along the streets there are not only traditional specialty shops but also numerous department stores and international fashion brands, and numerous restaurants and entertainment venues also provide for physical well-being.


Not only can you expect a lot of activity in the Japanese metropolis during the day, the mega-city also has an extremely lively nightlife to offer holidaymakers. You shouldn’t miss to spend at least a few hours of the evening in a so-called izakaya, a kind of Japanese inn where you can taste drinks and small Japanese specialties. You can find izakayas all over Japan and the quality of the food is usually relatively high there. In addition to a large number of normal bars, the nightlife of Tokyo has some great beer bars as well as a large selection of jazz bars, in which you can experience wonderful live music. At night you shouldn’t miss the night skyline, for which we recommend visiting bars and restaurants in the high-rise districts, as these are often located on the upper floors and thus give you a very special view of the mega-city from above. There are also corresponding viewing platforms such as SHIBUYA SKY, which enable you to experience the view independently of a visit to restaurants or bars. If you also want to experience the city’s famous bright neon lights, you should visit the Center-gai in Shibuya, but the neon lights can also be seen in many other places.


Tokyo is a special mega-city, in which there is a lot to discover for holidaymakers both during the day and at night, the diversity ranges from culture to architectural masterpieces and an exuberant life at night. When you visit the city you will quickly realize that the city never stands still.