Melbourne’s largest open air market in the southern hemisphere a meeting place for strangers

Melbourne is not only the second largest city on the Australian continent with 4.25 million inhabitants. It is even more the dream place in Australia for countless people all over the world. Everyone will find something special here. Green oases and impressive skyscrapers are just as at home here as foreigners from many different cultures. Strangers with roots all over the world and in many cultures have found their new home here and created this unique cultural melting pot with a great diversity.

Melbourne's largest open air market in the southern hemisphere a meeting place for strangers
Melbourne’s largest open air market in the southern hemisphere a meeting place for strangers

Melbourne – million metropolis in the southeast of Australia with the largest open-air market

Australia’s mega-city in the southeast has a lot to offer the visitor. The city consists of 4 suburbs and, to be precise, 217 districts, each of which is something special. It is also the sports city in Australia. The famous tennis grand slam tournament is just as much at home here as the motorcycle grand prix or football and of course cricket – a national sport of the Aussis. As the capital of the state of Victoria, the city is also a political heavyweight, which is also represented by architecturally significant buildings and evidence such as the parliament building from the old colonial times.

Backpackers and sports fans

Melbourne is also the top ten destination for backpackers and backpackers. In terms of quality of life, the Australian metropolis was even number 1 for years and was only recently relegated to second place. With many young visitors, the city also stands for a pulsating nightlife, in which you can find everything from trendy classy clubs to relaxed hippie bars. The styles of music are also all represented here. The botanical garden is also world famous and shows impressive insights into the world of flora. Of course, due to its exposed location by the sea, the city is also a stronghold for surfers and kiters and water sports of all kinds. And of course the beach life is also amazing. Countless hotspot beaches and natural bays magically invite beach lovers and water sports enthusiasts.

Also worth seeing: the largest open-air market in the world

The Queen Victoria Market is one of the main attractions of this million city in Australia. The largest open-air market was established in the 19th century and is known for its unique atmosphere and special ambience. Here the visitor will find, on the one hand, food and delicate products from the Australian and Asian cuisine. But also clothing, shoes and craftsmanship. The Queen Victoria Market is open every day of the year with the exception of Monday and Wednesday. In the evening visitors are also offered interesting live events here. In terms of size, the market is gigantic with 7 hectares. The largest open air market is the symbol of Melbourne’s commercial history and tradition. The district of the market is called CBD and is located directly in Melbourne City. In the vicinity, visitors can see the harbor with the Dockland and the impressive skyline of the skyscrapers of the mega-city, which are located to the south. The market is a meeting point for strangers from all over the world and represents the pulsating life of the Australian metropolis. The largest open market is an important meeting point and place that you absolutely have to see. But the view from the Eureka Tower from a height of 280 m over the roofs of the city and the expanse of the landscape to the sea should not be missed during a visit. This view from the 88th floor is particularly impressive at night with a view of the city lights.