Milan one of the best ski resorts for tourists in Italy

If you are on holiday in Milan, you are in a large metropolis that has become famous worldwide as a center for fashion and design. However, from the city, the desire for snow and skiing holidays is no problem.

Milan one of the best ski resorts for tourists in Italy
Milan one of the best ski resorts for tourists in Italy

Madesimo ski area

Ski areas are also within easy reach, so that day trips and longer stays for skiing are possible in the winter months. For example, the Madesimo ski area is only 150 kilometers from Milan and despite its proximity to the metropolis, this area has a lot to offer. While the Madesimo valley is at 1550 meters, the mountain can be reached up to 3000 meters above sea level. This particularly high location ensures that visitors to the area are spoiled with plenty of snow and sun. Madisimo has very beautiful slopes of exceptionally good quality within the scope of 60 kilometers of slopes. Of the 60 kilometers, 22 kilometers are classified as blue slopes, on 29 kilometers you will find red slopes and even 9 km of black slopes. There is also a snow park for freestyle fans. In addition, the lift system is very well developed, so that it is possible to reach all slopes directly from the village. Almost all the hotels in the village in Italy are only a few minutes’ walk from the ski lifts. The highlight of the Madesimo Valchiavenna ski area is the 3.5 km long Canalone descent, one of the most beautiful black slopes in Italy. Here it becomes clear that Madesimo is very interesting and worth seeing, especially for advanced skiers. You should be aware that most of the red runs are quite challenging to ski, so if you are a beginner this area may not be the right choice for you as the blue runs should not be underestimated either. So if you are an advanced skier, then Madesimo’s slopes are not to be missed. Cross-country skiers can also enjoy the beautiful nature of Madesimo on numerous and varied trails while exercising.

A 6-day ski pass costs 192 euros for adults and only 96 euros for children in the main season. However, if you have the opportunity to ski in the off-season, it is much cheaper, then the adult ski pass costs only 152 euros and your child can ski the slopes for 6 days for 76 euros.

Visit to Madesimo and the metropolis

If tourists don’t want to go skiing for an afternoon or evening, you can also explore the town of Madesimo for a change. With its 519 inhabitants, this place is characterized by its quiet flair, which has been preserved in the village despite the numerous ski tourists. The church on the town square is particularly worth seeing. You can also enjoy a delicious coffee or espresso in the cafés on the city’s terraces and relax. For tourists who not only want to ski, but also like city tourism, a day trip to Milan is definitely worthwhile. The second largest metropolis in Italy is also the capital. The city is home to 7.6 million people. A very well-known landmark and an imposing sight of the city is the Milan Cathedral. Located in the center of Milan, the cathedral is 157 meters long, making it one of the largest churches of its kind in the world. In addition to numerous other architectural masterpieces, the city with the Brera district, as a historical district, also has a lot to offer for lovers of art and culture. Thus, the metropolis offers a welcome change from the snow paradise of Madesimo.


If you want to ski near the metropolis and at the same time experience the charm of the city, the Madesimo ski area is a good choice for you. In addition to skiing, you can also explore the metropolis. Ski areas should make a lot of variety possible, this is given there.