Honolulu is known for beaches, ocean, sunsets for wellness and relaxation vacations

Honolulu (United States) is known for wellness, sunsets, the ocean, picture-perfect dream beaches and is therefore the perfect destination for a relaxing vacation. Translated into the German language, the city name means “sheltered bay”. Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly destination for a beach vacation, beautiful sunsets, beaches with shallow waves to learn to surf, or adventures on the open sea, Honolulu is the perfect place to relax and soak up the sun.

Honolulu is known for beaches, ocean, sunsets for wellness and relaxation vacations
Honolulu is known for beaches, ocean, sunsets for wellness and relaxation vacations

The island capital has a lot to offer United States holidaymakers

Honolulu is one of the largest cities in the entire archipelago. Around 340,000 people live in the city. The beach and most of the hotels are located in the most popular part of the city for tourists. An abundance of restaurants and bars open their doors at night. There are of course also fantastic beaches and overnight accommodations in other parts of the city. Those who want to spend their vacation away from mass tourism will find the peace they long for in these districts.

Good weather all year round is guaranteed

On the island, United States vacationers can look forward to many hours of sunshine all year round. From April to September the sun shines 9 hours a day and heats the sea water to 26 degrees Celsius. Shady places on the beach are therefore in great demand. In winter it rains more often, otherwise the climate is almost unchanged. For this reason, this holiday destination is recommended all year round as the perfect destination for a relaxing holiday.

Varied and entertaining nightlife

The nightlife at the resort takes place mainly in the immediate vicinity of the beach sections. The streets along the beach in the tourist area are lined with clubs, bars and restaurants. Several locations attract vacationers with concerts and live music. The nightlife is not limited to the main streets. The offer in the small side streets in the vicinity of the beaches is just as extensive and varied.

The so-called dinner shows are particularly popular with tourists. These events combine entertainment and dinner. Local dishes are on the menu. Music and dance provide entertainment. Even in the quieter parts of the city, vacationers do not have to go without evening entertainment. There is also an abundance of clubs, bars, lounges and restaurants to linger here.

Some of the roadside shops sell unusual goods. In every district there are opportunities to end the day away from mass tourism in a pleasant and entertaining way in relaxed lounges, jazz clubs or stylish wine bars. Festivals on various topics are also held every year.

Wellness, sport and leisure offers

The seaside resort offers holidaymakers who are looking for relaxation, more than sunsets straight out of a picture book. Almost all hotels offer their guests their own wellness area with pampering offers. The unique wellness treatments include, for example, facial massages with poi, ginger and honey. Ti leaves and papaya to stimulate blood circulation.

The spa and wellness offers at the holiday destination not only relax the body, they also rejuvenate the mind. For example, vacationers can opt for an outdoor retreat or take part in a yoga class. It is worth discovering holistic wellness concepts while on vacation. This holiday destination offers the opportunity to discover organic and natural products at the most beautiful time of the year, which heal the soul, mind and body.

The range of sports and leisure opportunities at the holiday destination is just as diverse. Most beaches are great for snorkeling when the water is calm. Other stretches of beach offer perfect waves for surfing for beginners, advanced and professionals. On some beaches, waves can reach heights of up to 12 meters, and body and beach boarding are also available. If you don’t dare and prefer to chill on the beach, you should definitely pack binoculars so that you can watch the beautiful rides and spectacular feats of the surfers on their boards.