Strangers to Jaipur love the mighty temples

Jaipur is also called the “Pink City”. The city bears this nickname because of the predominantly pink building facades. The Indian city was built in 1727 by the Maharaja based on a grid pattern. The city is one of the few planned cities from this time. With its rich cultural heritage and mighty temples, the city attracts strangers like a magnet.

Strangers to Jaipur love the mighty temples
Strangers to Jaipur love the mighty temples

Famous temples in Jaipur

One temple that significantly shapes the cityscape in the south of the city is the Birla Mandir (Lakshmi-Narayan Temple). The modern temple complex is made of white marble on a mountain. This temple is dedicated to a god and his companion, the goddess of success and wealth.

The Galta Temple is one of the most impressive temples. This Hindu temple complex consists of several temples. Countless ascetics from India have made pilgrimages to this temple since the 15th century. It was built from pink sandstone in the 18th century.

The Govind Temple was built on the site of the City Palace in the old town. The construction of the Govind Temple was initiated and supported by the royal family. There is an image of the Incarnation God in the temple. It is revealed seven times a day.

A beautiful temple structure carved in stone is the Kanak Vrindavan. The accompanying garden is not very old, but it is beautifully laid out. This imposing temple structure extends over several terraces. Grids and columns made of marble additionally warp the complex, which consists of several gardens. This temple is at the foot of the mountains. They have been used repeatedly as film sets in the past. The visit is particularly worthwhile for strangers after the monsoon season, as the rain makes for lush, green plants.

Insider tip for temple and monkey lovers

This temple delights strangers with its mystical charm. The beautiful old temple is located in a valley 3 kilometers to the east of the city. The jungle begins directly behind the huge temple complex. In addition to monkeys, visitors will encounter numerous other animal species on the site, such as mongooses and cows. From the outside, the buildings are ni-ce to look at and a great photo opportunity. Inside it can be seen that they are in need of renovation.

Water flows through the system from a spring and feeds several water basins. Priests wave to temple goers from the shrine to bless them. Priests also explain the meaning of various deities that are omnipresent in the form of statues in this temple complex.

This temple complex offers visitors another highlight. From this impressive temple it is possible to climb to another temple, the Sun Temple. From here, visitors have a fantastic view of Jaipur.

Amber Fort also offers temples that are worth seeing

The imposing fortress is located just outside the city on a ridge. This building was erected in 1592. Features of the building, which is visible from afar, are the numerous balconies and the lavishly designed facades. Besides the fortress, there are lavish halls, pavilions and mighty temples.

One of these temples is the Shila Devi Temple. It stands right next to the entrance, the sun gate. This bloodthirsty temple was built in honor of a particularly bloodthirsty goddess. To appease them, goats were sacrificed in this temple in Amber Fort

Temple complexes in the area

As in almost all areas of India, tourists can also admire the splendidly decorated temple complexes in the vicinity of Jaipur. Everywhere in India travelers encounter Jain temples. One of the most important and beautiful of these temples can be visited in the vicinity of Jaipur. The construction of this magnificent complex took over 60 years. The temple made of white marble consists of 1,444 columns. each of these pillars has a different look.

These and other beautiful temples in the area can be reached via winding, steep roads.
The Harshat Mata Temple stands on an artificial platform in the vicinity of the city. He was in the 7./8. Century built.