Bus tours for European guests to the ancient excavations and ruins in Rome Italy

Italy is not only known on world maps because of its boot shape, but also because ancient excavations are given the added value they deserve. Rome is above all a city of complexity, where ruins from long forgotten times can be found. European guests enjoy the bus tours, which stand for an imposing style and underpin the charm of the Italian metropolis. In this way, travelers can finally get to all the sights and ancient sights that the Italian capital has to offer.

Bus tours for European guests to the ancient excavations and ruins in Rome Italy
Bus tours for European guests to the ancient excavations and ruins in Rome Italy

Ancient sights adorn the capital of Italy

Even the term “in ancient Rome” can be found in many books one way or another, so that this makes it clear what significance the Italian capital can actually be ascribed to. European guests appreciate the beauty of the city and have learned a lot about it, especially at school. The Colosseum, the Pantheon and the Trevi Fountain are old relics from a time of antiquity that we often only know from TV and comics. A beauty that can hardly be put into words is recognizable here in Italy and puts historians, art lovers and travelers in ecstasy. The bus tours are of course also happy to take you to other ancient treasures from the past, as the following list of the must-see destinations in Rome proves:

– Piazza Navona
– Roman Forum
– thermal baths
– Ostia Antica
– Via Appia Antica

In no other country is antiquity as well represented as in Italy. For many centuries, the remains of a wonderful and so unknown time have been found here, which delight vacationers from all corners of the world. There will probably not be a better selection to be amazed all too often. From ruins to ancient excavations, here in the capital there is really an enchanting beauty of ancient sights that are sure to make the tourist’s heart beat faster.

Rome’s sights turn out to be extensive

The country where the pasta and pizza come from knows exactly how to make European guests happy. In addition to the ancient destinations, there are of course a number of other sights to be found in Rome. After all, none other than the Pope lives here in the Vatican, which of course can also be visited together with the cathedral. Probably the most beautiful park in Italy can be found again with the Villa Borghese, whose beauty immediately stands out and is suitable for a number of photo motifs. The narrow streets of Italy are also recognizable in Rome’s old town, but also in the lively Trastevere district, where holidaymakers are always welcome. Whether with bus tours or by bike – the Italian capital can be easily discovered. Tourists looking for ancient excavations, ruins and sights in general have come to the right place in the beautiful Italian capital, Gold. It stands for a very extensive variety with many facets, but can also provide culinary delights for travelers. A trip to the sunny south of Europe guarantees historians, holidaymakers and art fans a multifaceted variety that is really hard to believe. If there is also very exciting catering provided, nothing can go wrong on the trip. Planning should therefore always include the Italian capital for a trip!