Travel guide in Florence with free insider tips for relaxation

The Italian metropolis of Florence is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The language that is spoken nationwide today also has its origin in this city. Well-known painters and other artists also lived. The city’s cathedral is the third largest church in the world. More than 10 million tourists visit this Italian city every year. The following travel guide provides information about sights and offers insider tips for an unforgettable city trip to the capital of your region.

Tours and city tours

This city is great to explore on your own or on foot. All major sights can be visited in Florence’s old town. It is very unlikely that an object of interest will be overlooked. Nevertheless, it can be recommended to book a tour or a city tour with a local guide, as tourists learn many interesting details about the historical buildings and monuments during the tour. The following city tours give a very good overview of the city, its history and residents:

– Guided tour of the cathedral including ascent to the cathedral dome
– Tour of the historic city center

Travel guide in Florence with free insider tips for relaxation
Travel guide in Florence with free insider tips for relaxation

The most important and beautiful sights in the city

One of the top attractions in Italy is the old town in Florence. They can all be visited one after the other by taking a long walk. Since there is so much to see in the city, the most beautiful and interesting sights are presented below.

Ponte Veccio

This world-famous bridge can be reached on foot through the Uffizienhof. The special thing about this bridge is that it is built on with jewelry stores and several residential buildings.

Uffizi Art Museum

The art museum is located directly on the Rathausplatz. Several hours should be planned for viewing. The works of art by famous artists can be viewed.

Town Hall Square and Town Hall

These two sights can be reached from the cathedral by a ten-minute walk. In addition to several world-famous monuments and sculptures, there is a beautiful Neptune Fountain and the town hall on the square. It is easy to linger in the shadow of the monuments.


The cathedral and the bell tower are visible from afar and cannot be overlooked. It is recommended to go inside the cathedral. Admission is free. However, attention must be paid to clothing, short skirts, trousers and uncovered shoulders are taboo. The ascent to the bell tower and the cathedral dome is not free.
Other attractions worth seeing: The Boboli Gardens and the Palazoo Pitti, including the art exhibition, can also be visited together in one day. A leisurely stroll through the monumental park is particularly recommended in late summer and spring. Grottoes, sculptures and fountains can be admired in the Boboli Garden.

Santa Croce square and church of the same name

Via de ‘Benci leads directly past the impressive white Santa Croce Church and the square of the same name. It is the city’s tourist hotspot, especially in the evenings. An abundance of restaurants, clubs and bars invite Italy tourists to enjoy a varied nightlife.

Travel guide insider tip: Italy For tourists who want to go out like the local city dwellers, the Piazza Santo Spirito on the opposite side of the river is recommended. There are countless restaurants and small bars on the square. In summer, this square is one of the main nightlife venues in the city every evening and out of season on weekends.

Public transport: The city has a very well developed bus network and a small tram network. Almost the entire old town has been declared a pedestrian zone. In this travel guide it must therefore be mentioned that accommodations in the old town of Florence cannot be reached by public transport. Anyone staying in accommodation in a different part of the city can quickly and comfortably reach all sights by bus and tram.

Insider tips for restaurants and regional cuisine

Like all kitchens in Italy, the regional cuisine is a pleasure for the palate and a feast for the eyes. The cuisine of Florence is based on the simple country kitchen. Meat, fruit, regional olive oil and seasonal vegetables are used for cooking. A local specialty is Bistecca Fiorentina. This is a large beef steak for 2 people. Meat lovers must try this dish. Culinary delights for vegetarians are also offered. You should definitely try the dish ribollita and the hearty porridge pappa al pomodoro. Italy is famous for pasta and pizza dishes. These are of course also served in Florence. Insider tips for good, not overpriced restaurants. Ristorante Perseus: The best bistecca Fiorentina is served here, prior reservation required.