Pure travel experience for shopping tourists in the old town of Ven-ice in Italy

The old town of Veni-ce offers excellent shopping opportunities for both small and large budgets. On the multitude of shopping streets and in shopping centers, shopping tourists will find cheap mass-produced goods, as well as trendy designer shops. Weekly markets tempt you to stroll and dream. At and you will find information about the most beautiful shops and largest shopping centers in the old town of Veni-ce in Italy. Treat yourself to a travel experience in the lagoon city.

Pure travel experience for shopping tourists in the old town of Ven-ice in Italy
Pure travel experience for shopping tourists in the old town of Ven-ice in Italy

Shopping tourists – in the lagoon city you will find what your heart desires!

If you want to experience pure shopping pleasure in Veni-ce’s shopping mile, you have to consider various things. The cliché of buying a straw hat and a bag of pigeon feed is not true. But only if you are off the beaten track.

The goods are expensive!

The location of this city is responsible for the fact that goods are imported and therefore more expensive than in other cities in Italy. You can still get a bargain. The city is known for the Venetian glass. These items are produced in the city and therefore their prices are moderate. The same goes for souvenirs and the usual tourist kitsch. The latter is often sold near attractions. If you are looking for real Venetian shopping culture, you should look off the beaten track, it will be the right unforgettable travel experience.

Venetian goods – jewelry and glass

Veni-ce’s jewelry is world famous. Rings made of Venetian glass in particular have many fans. Anyone who visits this city often and knows exactly the shops where you can get this famous glass cheaply. But there are extreme qualitative differences. You can find a beautiful glass ring for just a few euros. In the shop windows you can also find jewelry and glass vases in the four to five-digit range. The same goes for the world famous masks. Simple models are cheap to get for a few euros. Hand-painted masks with pearls and decorated with feathers are significantly more expensive. A shopping tour in the lagoon city is definitely worth it.

Shop until late at night

During the height of summer, traders do big business here. They have their stands open until late in the evening. You also meet illegal street vendors. Noble designer fashion at bargain prices are mostly fakes that come from Asia or Eastern Europe. You should stay away from that. You can buy souvenirs and postcards with confidence. In the late evening you can occasionally find a bargain. Then you can trade with the Venetian traders. However, this is an exception. Bargaining is not common in the lagoon city.

Shopping off the beaten track

It is very good to stroll past quaint shops and look at the shop windows in peace. This can be difficult in summer in the tourist mile Piazza San Marco or at the Rialto Bridge. Then you should move to a part of the city where tourists rarely go. The goods offered there are only intended for Italians and promise a unique shopping experience. If you visit Italy, you should round off this trip with the lagoon city and that includes a shopping tour through the centuries-old city center.