Bus tour for week guests through the wonderful city of Rome Italy

When traveling to Rome, one is walking between times in the distant past, present and future due to the differences between ancient and modern buildings. The city is struggling with heavy car traffic, which can lead to many internal traffic jams during rush hour. A bus tour is generally not worthwhile. Alternatively, you can take the bus to the edge of the city center and explore the rest of the way on foot. You will find most of the sights in the city or in the inner circle, where the ancient buildings are. The center is closed to car traffic on Sunday, so you can stroll through the wonderful city and the center in a relaxed manner.

Bus tour for week guests through the wonderful city of Rome Italy
Bus tour for week guests through the wonderful city of Rome Italy

Rome – the diverse city

Central is the Roman Forum, which in ancient times was a meeting place for politics and business. The Romans still live in the tradition of connecting the Senate and the people. You can see that if you look at a manhole cover and discover the initials “SPQR” or “Senatus Populusque Romanus” written out in full, which translates from Latin: Senate and people of Rome. The city does not belong to Italy alone, but to the last remaining part of the Papal States in the form of the Vatican State in the center of the city, which mainly includes St. Peter’s Basilica. This area can be recognized by the special Swiss Guard. They wear eye-catching, plaid and brightly colored clothes and are responsible for guarding the Pope. A special highlight is when the Pope speaks a short blessing for the day “Urbi et Orbi” in front of a large group of people on St. Peter’s Square, which means a blessing for the city and the world or is all-encompassing.

Shop and enjoy

There are opportunities to stop in a cafe and restaurant with delicious food from Italy and relax. A small tram line operates in the city, which has a traditional meaning. The Tiber River runs through the city, spanned by some bridges and inviting you to take a stroll along the banks. There are street shops there that sell special items such as bags, umbrellas and sunglasses on certain days and times in case it is raining or the sun is shining. In general, caution is advised: not all of these shops are legal if, for example, they sell copied and counterfeit designer bags cheaper and harm other companies.

Virtual journey to antiquity

At the forum one encounters the Colosseum, the individual forums of the emperors and temples, which have to be stabilized and the buildings are not endangered. The triumphal arches are reminiscent of the triumphs of the ancient Romans. There are museums and exhibitions where you can take a virtual tour of the forum to get a better idea of ​​the area as it looked “real” in ancient times. Maps and statues are reminiscent of the splendor of the generals and the former size of the empire, which generally arose from disputes with other peoples and the Roman Empire itself was referred to as a “Pax Romana” after the Empire. For the people of Rome, the borders of the empire were at the same time the borders of the known world.

Going to church and village life

It is possible to visit the ancient port of Ostia for week-long guests, which belongs to the city, and if you are a believer, you can stop at one of the numerous churches that are open to occasional visitors and not just for the official and individual services. Another possibility: You travel on the Via Appia through the city and the rural areas, which are characterized by courtyards and small towns. The wonderful city offers many possibilities for a bus tour as well as for weekly guests.