Italy Veni-ce Passionate women as travel companions on charming boat trips

Veni-ce can be so passionate. Anyone who has even a whiff of what the lagoon city in north-eastern Italy is for holidaymakers, especially lovers and also people who are looking for a passionate adventure with a travel companion from the escort service, will know what awaits them in the lagoon city , which is the capital of the Italian region of Veneto.

Italy Veni-ce Passionate women as travel companions on charming boat trips
Italy Veni-ce Passionate women as travel companions on charming boat trips

In Italy’s northeast

Passionate women and men love Italy. The reason for this are the beautiful places and panoramas that this southern European country has to offer from north to south. In general, not much is expected from the north or north-east of Italy. This is where the Southern Alps are located. It’s cold there in winter and if you’re not a fan of hiking, you’ll enjoy the cold Alpine panorama, but you won’t find the fulfillment of a holiday in Italy. Things are different further south if you keep to the east. Then you come across the lagoon city of Veni-ce on the map with all its magnificent buildings from past glory days and the canals that run through the city and serve as a substitute for roads there. Above all, those who like boating will be enraptured and fascinated by this city and its sights and leisure opportunities. Passionate call girls and men will definitely get their money’s worth here. And if you don’t have a partner, you can also book an escort service. A ni-ce lady or gentleman will then get on the gondola and happily ride along the Grand Canal and the other side canals while the gondolier belts out a sentimental song.

From the outskirts to St. Mark’s Square

Anyone who has found a ni-ce travel companion at the escort service and is making their way to the capital of Veneto in the Italian north-east should know that the entire lagoon city is car-free. Anyone traveling to Veni-ce with their own vehicle must therefore park it in one of the garages in the Piazza, in the Tronchetto car park or on the mainland. You can’t go directly to the city by train either. From Mestre train station it is about 10 minutes to the city. The Fusina Terminal is the transport hub of the lagoon city. From here, ferries run every hour in the direction of the lagoon city. The journey time is about 20 minutes. You can also park at the city’s airport. Here it is the buses or the vaporetto that pave the way into the city. The way to the central point of the city – St. Mark’s Square – is then not far. Already on the way there there can be a sensitive and erotic way to get closer to the travel partner. Either you go on foot over numerous bridges and close to the houses along the right and left of the canals that run through the city. Or one relies on boat trips, which can have a spicy touch if the travel partner is already erotic here shortly after arriving in the lagoon city.

Hotel room over the water

Pure eroticism is also popular in the lagoon city of Italy when the hotel is reached. Since there are more than 100 islands in the lagoon city and many of the houses are not only characterized by a canal on one side, there is a good chance that from the hotel room you will not only have a view of a dreary backyard, but of one of the canals ride some of the approximately 500 gondolas that exist in the lagoon city. This can set the mood very well on boat trips on the canals of the lagoon city with your travel partner.