Carnival spectacle for tourists in the lagoon city of Veni-ce Italy

The attraction of the carnival in the lagoon city of Veni-ce Italy consists in the search of the tourists for carnival spectacles. Venetians hardly participate. They show their guests a tradition that has already disappeared. Dozens of gondolas on the canals of Veni-ce are the prelude to the world-famous carnival spectacle. The opening event takes place under a given motto.

Carnival spectacle for tourists in the lagoon city of Veni-ce Italy
Carnival spectacle for tourists in the lagoon city of Veni-ce Italy

Tales and Legends

The main attraction of the Venetian Carnival is the flight of angels from the Campanile next to the Doge’s Palace. On Sunday there are a large number of spectators on St. Mark’s Square. Here you can discover the old prisons connected to the Doge’s Palace by the Bridge of Sighs. Enter the torture room and see the real torture objects that were once used to get criminals to confess! The palace is “populated” with life-size figures of the lords of the night, prisoners, judges, lawyers and all the characters who worked in the prisons, meticulously traced from the ancient manuscripts. They discover justice administered by the lords of the night: the terrible Venetian police who policed ​​crimes and brought lawbreakers into the courtroom! You will also go down and explore the cold rooms to understand the prisoners’ lifestyle: what they ate and drank and where they slept. See the original graffiti left behind by prisoners and hear the story of Casanova’s escape: he escaped from the maximum security prison “Piombi”! They discover the alternatives prisoners had if they preferred a cell or served their sentence aboard a Venetian galley. Each year stepping in as Galeotti was worth 2 years in one of the cells. Hear stories and legends that have remained alive in the cells and halls. Along the route you will listen to the declaration of the powerful “Council of Ten” assembled by the highest Venetian politicians who ruled the judiciary in all Venetian areas. Nowadays the palace, which overlooks the stunning Riva Degli Schiavoni, houses an important Venetian cultural institution, it is the seat of the artistic circle that welcomes guests and offers cultural experiences and concerts.

Carnival in Veni-ce primarily means commerce

In the 1980s, locals began reviving the dying tradition of carnival. Private costume parties in winter, when tourism is in its doldrums, led to hype; the “Carnevale” was professionally exploited. The Engelsflug mass event is organized by high-wire artists and is superficially based on the “Turkish Flight”. Carnevale has long meant commerce. Another event is the Masquerade Tour.

Carnival in Veni-ce Italy for Tourists the Masquerade Walking Tour

Put on your mask in the lagoon city and enjoy a journey through the city in the enchanting mysteries of the carnival. An expert guide will take tourists through the typical places of the festive period and let them experience the real soul of the carnival from here! A carnival mask gift is included in this carnival spectacle. It is an unusual route in the heart of the city: discover the mysteries and enchanting mysteries of the carnival accompanied by a local guide! Together they visit the cells in the Prison Palace, home of the “Lords of the Night”, the Serenissima Republic’s fearsome police force, and look at the instruments of torture used. Pass through Calli, Campi and Palazzi on the exciting journey through Cassanova’s mysteries, then discover treasures stolen from Constantinople, relations with the East and legend of San Marcos. The many mysteries of Marco Polo and the Silk Road will be revealed, and much else that will leave visitors speechless as they discover just how much Venetians influenced daily life at the time. There are of course other carnival spectacles in the lagoon city!