Night life in Istanbul’s pubs, bars and clubs for young people

Turkey doesn’t just offer sun, sand and sea. Young people will also find a great nightlife in Istanbul. The city has clubs and bars to explore. Discotheques and concert halls can also be visited in the metropolis that never sleeps. The Turkish metropolis is also famous for monuments and sights. The ancient ruins and the Blue Mosque delight tourists worldwide. If you want to relax from the extensive nightlife, you can visit one of the many excellent Turkish baths. Turkey also offers castles that can also be admired in the Turkish city. The regional delicacies are also not to be despised.

Night life in Istanbul's pubs, bars and clubs for young people
Night life in Istanbul’s pubs, bars and clubs for young people

Exclusive club scene

The Turkish city is fascinating in many aspects and invites you to visit. From early evening until late at night, young tourists can have fun and party in one of the many clubs. The Sortie is located on the riverside and is one of the best clubs in Istanbul. The club offers style and elegance and is considered exclusive. With three bars, six restaurants and a large outdoor terrace, the location is a popular place to party. The rooms are large and invite you to party and have fun. Evenings are organized in the club with excellent DJs playing contemporary music. Well-known artists and excellent DJs can be found in the Masquerade Club. The club inspires with extraordinary music, extravagant design and several rooms that offer different atmospheres. The club is also great for eating. The creations are intended to impress the palate and, in addition to the different room atmospheres, represent a reference point for the nightlife in the Turkish city.

Events for every budget

Babylon is a well-known nightclub in Istanbul that has been open since 1999 and is located in an old brewery. International artists can be found there and excellent DJs heat the partying crowd. The music repertoire offers something for almost every taste. Reggae, hip hop, electronics and lounge fans get their money’s worth. The events that take place at Babylon are suitable for all budgets. The Babylon nightclub is one of the most famous and important celebrations in Istanbul. The club also has a bar, rooms are available and there is even a radio station in the club. Babylon supports musicians from all over the world and also has local artists to offer.

Jazz clubs

Jass clubs can also be found in Istanbul’s night scene. One example is the Nardis Jazz Club, which is one of the most popular on the jazz scene in the Turkish city. The club offers a unique atmosphere and also offers a stage for excellent jazz concerts. Club atmosphere and concert atmosphere characterize the club. Club goers can hear new jazz artists playing. Big names and well-known artists also play in the club. The Nardis Jazz Club offers both a club feeling and a concert feeling. Jazz lovers get their money’s worth in the Istanbul club in Turkey. In addition to the Nardis Jazz Club, there are other jazz bars and jazz events in Istanbul. Young people and those looking for a party will find a wide range of party options in the Turkish city. The Turkish city invites you to party and has something to offer for every budget and taste.