Beach vacation in Mugla, one of the smallest provincial capitals in Turkey

Fortunately, just spending a relaxing beach vacation away from the tourist strongholds is possible in Turkey. The Mugla province is such a vacationer’s paradise and an ideal example of how unknown the town can be to travelers in order to enjoy a wonderful stay. Sun is full, the beach in front of the door and the good thing is less holidaymakers than in the strongholds of the tourist areas. This is exactly what makes a relaxing and at the same time relaxing vacation so special that this small province is increasingly emerging.

Provincial capitals create a charming atmosphere

Tourism is the undisputed number one source of income in the Turkish provincial capitals, but that in no way means that tourists come here in moderation, but that there is still a pleasant atmosphere on the beach. Without crowds, it is possible to taste the crystal-clear water and the cool breeze to enjoy a family beach holiday par excellance, which you can not enjoy in the strongholds with pawing at tourists in Turkey. At the right season, however, it should be clear that the Turkish climate is incredibly relaxing with warm weather and a few rainy days, so that the weather gives the beach stay and the cooling off in the sea the necessary finishing touches to be able to fully enjoy your time in the province.

Beach vacation in Mugla, one of the smallest provincial capitals in Turkey
Beach vacation in Mugla, one of the smallest provincial capitals in Turkey

Mugla does not forego sightseeing

Do provincial capitals offer any attractive sights at all? Of course! The Turkish province is of course no exception here in combination with a beach holiday, so this is another reason to think about a visit. The local museums in particular invite you to get to know the province better and to learn more about its history. Some ancient destinations are also to be found here in the small town, so that you can also walk to past eras. The local bazaars ensure that the shopping trip through Turkey can take place as usual. There are also a number of carpet manufacturers to be found in the small province, which offer beautiful specimens at fair conditions that release the oriental flair at home.

When the beach in Mugla calls

A beach is located in some provincial cities of the Turkish mainland, so that relaxing days are not missing. Especially not when travelers want a mix of holiday feeling with a sandy beach and wonderful weather, but at the same time want to experience the culture and Turkish history. This is possible up close in this province, which enables an incredibly pleasant climate. The typical seasonal months from March to September in particular are a reason to consider a trip here to spend time on the Turkish beach. The climate enchants and likes to provide a sunny complexion and the cool breeze of the sea. Provincial capitals ensure that a certain feel-good atmosphere is released, which is also surrounded by a fantastic backdrop to make this trip unforgettable. Picturesque beauty is also guaranteed here in the province, so that between relaxed swimming sessions until the assessment of a charismatic province, many activities are possible and make the holidaymaker’s heart beat faster.

Whether the day should start with the bazaar today, a culinary journey through the Turkish delicacies is desired or the beach is preferred, travelers decide for themselves. This small tourist province also delights with excellent friendliness and a small charm for tourists, however is still far away from the strongholds, so that a certain privacy is much better than anywhere else. So if you are planning a trip to the fabulous and popular Turkey, you should look a little away from the strongholds and Mugla would like to help you. A beach holiday is not a problem, sights are not missing, a high level of hospitality paired with Turkish specialties round off the impressions that the partly ancient province is really worth a visit.