Kemer represents the European part of Turkey

The city of Kemer represents the European part of Turkey and should definitely be visited. The city is located in the south or southwest of Turkey in a small bay. The city has both sea and mountains and stretches a few kilometers inland.

Kemer seasonal location in Turkey

Kemer is a city with around 36,000 inhabitants on an area of ​​around 468 square kilometers. The place is predominantly a seasonal place where actually only takes place during the season and everything is open. Even the locals mostly only live during the tourist hustle and bustle in Kemer. The landscape around Kemer has only been inhabited for around 50,000 years. In ancient times there was a place southwest of today’s center of Kemer. From this come the remains of a church building, which probably dates from the 4th to 7th centuries. In the 13th century, the area around Kemer was used for hunting due to its nature. A Seljuk hunting lodge also dates from this period. This can still be seen today and testifies to the living conditions in the 13th century.


Resort directly on the Mediterranean

The city is a resort right on the Mediterranean. When the weather is good you can see the island of Cyprus a few kilometers away. Kemer is a very ni-ce vacation spot, which is not too crowded with tourists, but is nevertheless fully developed with hotels, guest houses and the beach pro-menade. In addition to a beach holiday on the Mediterranean, the place is also very popular for hiking. Since the area is a plain at the foot of the Taurus Mountains, a hiking holiday is very suitable for vital people. Due to the plains and the Mediterranean directly in the city, the hikes are not particularly difficult and are also suitable for beginners. Of course there are also very demanding routes. Just when you come from the end of the Tahtal mountain railway? Begin.

Kemer is also very well known for hiking tours

In addition to hiking, Kemer is also known for its numerous sights. For example, you can visit the three tunnels that lead from Kemer to An-talya, or take a trip to An-talya with them. The city’s marina is always worth seeing, where expensive and large yachts can be admired. Of course you can also book a boat tour in the port of Kemer and take a trip along the Turkish coast. It is often offered to drive in bays where you can relax completely as there are few people. Of course, you can also plan a trip to a mosque, as is common in Turkey.

The Mediterranean city is worth a visit. Experience the flair of the Mediterranean and the beautiful weather, which is very constant. Experience the hospitality of the people and learn something about the culture. Visit Kemer and let the warm nature infect you