Impressive palaces and the latest fashion can be found by tourists in Jaipur of India

Jaipur is located in northern India and is nicknamed the Pink City and Pink City. The capital of your region fascinates tourists with unique buildings, for example the Palace of the Winds. It is a colorful city and gives vacationers a deep insight into the culture of India. The city is not only known for its sensational palaces. In the city’s shops, travelers can buy the latest in original Indian fashion.

The most beautiful palaces in Jaipur

The Palace of the Winds is actually not a separate palace, but a part of the City Palace. The building has five floors and 93 barred windows. The facade of the palace is designed in calf optics. In combination with the pink color, the building is a magnificent sight. The building was named after the cooling wind, which got through the bars into the interior and gave the harem lady a slight cooling. At that time the harem women hid behind the lattice windows from the curious glances of passers-by and watched from there celebrations and pageants. Architecturally, the Palace of the Winds is a masterpiece. In combination with the gigantic city palace, tourists are offered an unforgettable sight.

Impressive palaces and the latest fashion can be found by tourists in Jaipur of India
Impressive palaces and the latest fashion can be found by tourists in Jaipur of India

City Palace

Both the City Palace and the Palace of the Winds are built in the old town. The city palace (royal palace) rises exactly in the center of the city center in front of the fascinating mountain panorama. The City Palast was built in 1890. The building is enclosed by high, insurmountable walls. Inside it houses a museum that is accessible to India vacationers. Part of the city palace is still inhabited by the descendants of the ruler at that time. On formal occasions, family members walk through the huge gate in the southern city wall in an elaborate procession.

Buy saris and the latest fashion from India in Jaipur

Anyone who travels through the vast country sees saris in all colors of the rainbow. This traditional garment combines tradition and elegance. Sari are unsewn, six to nine meter long strips of fabric decorated with prints, borders and / or glitter. Outside of India, saris are known from Bollywood films. Saris are worn daily by women in India. They are artfully wrapped around their bodies by their wearers. Some Indian women, mostly married, wear their sari like a veil over their heads. Holidaymakers who want to buy this item of clothing are spoiled for choice: Jaipur’s shops offer the latest fashions in the saree category with a variety of designs and in all colors. The colors and the motifs represent the region, tradition and culture.

In addition to saris, travelers will find the latest Indian fashion in abundance in the numerous shops and bazaars. The huge range includes fashion and saris for children, kurtas for men, kaftans, kimonos, woolen scarves, duppatas, silk stoles, silk scarves, Lengha Coli, tunics, kurtis, fabric sets, suit materials, salwar kameez, Indian dresses, Indian pants and Indian skirts in all colors and all sizes. The range is complemented by fashionable accessories, henna jewelry, new and antique wooden stamps, pillows, wall hangings, Indian bedspreads and belly dance veils.

Anyone who goes on an extensive shopping tour after visiting the palaces will learn a lot about the production process. The service offered in the shops leaves nothing to be desired. On request, garments can be tailor-made and delivered to the customer’s accommodation. A relaxed shopping experience of a very special kind is guaranteed for tourists visiting this city.