In Mumbai India, travelers experience the contrasts of this wonderful city

India may be a land of many facets for many holidaymakers anyway, but Mumbai in particular illustrates this perfectly. The metropolis of millions is one of the wonderful cities of contrasts that no scriptwriter could better film. It is unlikely to be the case in any other metropolis as close as wealth, poverty, sights, village flair and crowds. With more than 15 million inhabitants, the bustling city of India is definitely worth an incredibly varied trip, so that travelers should not miss the opportunity to get to know this city of diversity better.

In Mumbai India, travelers experience the contrasts of this wonderful city
In Mumbai India, travelers experience the contrasts of this wonderful city

Mumbai’s beauties provide variety

Of course, the inhabitants of Mumbai also have to have a lot to see so that they can enjoy the lively everyday life in a megacity in a varied way. So travelers immediately notice that the notorious Taj Mahal Palace Hotel is waiting here, the luxurious sight of which has been marveled at since 1903. While its imposing appearance is a real eye-catcher, the Rajabai Clock Tower with its construction rounds off the 18th century to perfection to show the holidaymakers what beauties are to be seen in the wonderful city of contrasts. Other sights that are popular with tourists as well as locals are, for example, the following:

– Flora Fountain
– the old town of Mumbai
– Walkeshwar Temple
– Haji Ali Dargah
– Elephanta Caves
– the towers of silence
– the hanging gardens

For centuries, India has stood for a certain variety of sights, cultures and historical buildings, which are always of the greatest possible importance for holidaymakers. Mumbai’s sights in particular have led to the fact that the country is being visited by tourists from all over the world more and more, because they simply get a lot to offer.

Mumbai’s facets are what make the travel adventure worth striving for

In addition to the incredible sights in one of the largest cities in the world, it also inspires with a certain diversity that you probably don’t see in any other region. For example, the Banganga Tank would be recommended, which brings travelers close to the water reservoirs, but at the same time also brings them to the middle of a village, which is located in the metropolis in the middle of the city. Such a development can only occur in India’s cities, where the parallels between poverty and wealth show such great gaps that tourists often get to feel them up close. But that is exactly what makes traveling here so desirable, because this variety is Mumbai’s success. Nevertheless, the locals enjoy it when tourists stop by here and are amazed at what can also be seen on Chowpatty Beach. Here, however, the fresh breeze and cooling await when the warm days in India’s big city seem a little too violent for vacationers.

Mumbai’s culinary side makes the palate buds explode

In the wonderful city of contrasts, the cuisine also has a diversity to offer that no tourist forgets. The notorious naan bread has a firm place in Indian cuisine and tastes simply delicious with variable spices and chutneys. Masala, Bhei puri and the pungent fragrances mean that hunger can be satisfied on the streets of Mumbai at extremely low prices. Culinary delights are guaranteed here in the spicy kitchen, sometimes for less than 2 euros per meal! The inexpensive local food, the varied sights and the everyday life of Mumbai make the city as varied as it really is. For vacationers, Mumbai is a real adventure full of people who shape everyday life in the metropolis and leave their mark. Adventurous, historically interested and curious vacationers will find exactly what will shape their memories for life in the Indian city.