Hobby tourists visit the open-air museum of old locomotives in Kusadasi Türkiye

The popular resort of Kusadasi is located on the Aegean Sea in Türkiye. Holidaymakers can expect Europe’s largest aqua park, an excellent infrastructure, beautiful sandy beaches, a modern marina and a pleasantly mild climate. For hobby tourists there are many sights to discover in the area. One of the most popular attractions is the open-air museum with old steam locomotives.

Hobby tourists visit the open-air museum of old locomotives in Kusadasi Türkiye
Hobby tourists visit the open-air museum of old locomotives in Kusadasi Türkiye

Largest collection of old locomotives in Türkiye

The open-air railway museum about 10 kilometers away houses the largest collection of locomotives in Türkiye. It was built between 1991 and 1997 on a disused section of railway. The original railway tracks from 1866 were used for construction. A special highlight for hobby tourists is that they can not only look at the old locomotives extensively, but also climb into them all and take unique photos. A total of 50 different locomotives can be viewed. Among the exhibits are not only rarities from the former Turkish railway, but also relics from German locomotive forges that were built more than 100 years ago, a Vulcan locomotive Iron Works and two locomotives from the French manufacturer Corpet-Louvet built by Robert Stephenson and Company of Great Britain. Special rarities on the park-like grounds are an Atatürk saloon car, historic wagons, crane trucks, steam snow blowers and historic English and American locomotives. Also worth seeing in this open-air museum are the collection of old tools, the preserved railway operating systems, a water tower and various supply buildings.

Railway vehicles on display at the open-air museum near Kusadasi

Hobby tourists can currently marvel at 33 locomotives in this railway museum. 50 percent of these old locomotives are grouped around an 18-meter turntable. The rail vehicles are vehicles that were built between 1891 and 1951. All of the locomotives on display are equipped with boards on which the most important technical information about the vehicle can be read. Visitors to the museum are permitted to enter the cabs of all locomotives. Steam locomotive number 45.501 is also on display at the site. In 1957, she was involved in one of the country’s most dramatic train accidents as a tractor unit for the Simplon-Orient-Express. 95 people died in this accident. There are also nine passenger cars among the exhibits. Two of these wagons have a wooden structure. The saloon carriage used by the founder of the Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, can be seen inside. Seven freight wagons can also be seen on the site. With a bit of luck, museum visitors will see a special train pulled by a historic steam locomotive stopping on the museum grounds. The site, buildings and collection are owned by the Turkish Railway Company.

Recommended not only for train fans

A visit to the Railway Museum should be on the excursion program not only of railway lovers, but of all tourists vacationing in Kusadasi. A visit to the railway museum is also recommended for families. In the walk-in driver’s cab, kids like to play engine drivers and imitate shoveling coal into the boiler. A trip to this museum offers a welcome change from a bathing holiday on the beach. The entrance fees are cheap. There is a small playground for children on the museum grounds. Of course, an all-round successful visit to the train museum also includes tasty food. In the restaurant attached to the train museum, traditional dishes from Turkish cuisine are served.