Exotic long-distance travel to the beautiful volcanic landscape of Jeju South Korea

If you love exotic long-distance travel and are looking for an exceptionally beautiful insider tip for your next vacation, Jeju, the largest island in South Korea, is recommended. A subtropical holiday paradise and a breathtaking volcanic landscape with a sensational volcanic crater await you on Jeju.

Exotic long-distance travel to the beautiful volcanic landscape of Jeju South Korea
Exotic long-distance travel to the beautiful volcanic landscape of Jeju South Korea

A holiday destination that is one of the seven natural wonders of the world

The island has only been open to tourism for a few years and was largely cut off from the outside world until about 100 years ago, when exotic long-distance trips were only experienced by a few people. For a few years now, it has been the seventh natural wonder of the world. More precisely, it is the volcanic crater, which is a unique and untouched natural paradise with a diameter of around 600 meters. The mountain called “Sunrise Peak”, from the top of which offers a breathtaking view of the volcanic crater, is particularly popular with lovers from Asia, which is why the island is also jokingly called “Wedding Island”.

Hike through the volcanoes

There are several volcanoes you can walk into on the island near South Korea. For example, you can discover the world’s longest lava tunnel with over 13 kilometers or spectacularly shaped rocks, such as the so-called lava turtle.

A trekking tour leads to the most popular volcano on the island

The summit of the Hallasan volcano is mysteriously shrouded in clouds of mist, but whoever steps up to the summit is rewarded with a breathtaking view of the Baengnokdam. It is a crater lake, which is also called “White Deer Lake” by the locals, and according to old legends, the gods are said to pass the time there with white stags and deer.

Luck is given away for free on the island

All you have to do for this is just touch a dolharubang’s nose. These are statues with bulging eyes that are made of lava and can be found in the volcanic landscape all over the island. Legend has it that pregnant women can influence the sex of their child by touching the nose or ear of a Dolharubang.

Live like in paradise on long-distance trips

Exciting excursions are usually followed by relaxation on long-distance trips. The island is also ideal for this, as the subtropical climate tempts you to spend long nights by the sea. It remains to mention the culinary delights that await you on the island. Including exotic vegetables, seafood and delicious fish.