Bangalore in India offers travelers delicacies from local cuisine and a shopping experience

Bangalore is the capital of the Indian state of Karnataka. The city is located in the southwest of India. The city has a population of around 11.4 million and is the center of the country’s civil and military aerospace industry and research. The city is known as the garden city because of the numerous parks and because of the numerous shopping opportunities and the gastronomic tourism on offer. There are a number of restaurants, cafes and bars in town. There is something for every taste and budget for the travel guests. If you want to use a visit to this city for a larger shopping tour, you can visit brand showrooms and high-end boutiques. There are a number of shopping streets in the city and shopping centers. If you like it more classic, you can go shopping on the street. In the city, hole-in-the-wall traders offer export surpluses in the form of trendy jewelry, shoes and clothing on almost every street corner.

Bangalore in India offers travelers delicacies from local cuisine and a shopping experience
Bangalore in India offers travelers delicacies from local cuisine and a shopping experience

Let’s go shopping in the city streets

The favorite destinations of travelers who want to go shopping in this big city in India mainly head for the places that are populated by street vendors. Many of the dealers can be found on Commercial Street. Here tourists will find embroidered blouses and dresses, but also clothing fabrics and stylish western clothing, but also books, shoes and jewelry. Other shopping streets – but rather full of boutiques and other shops – are MG Road and Brigade Road. Those who like it more authentic should visit the Jayanagars market. Here tourists can also find a lot of cheap clothes, shoes and handicrafts as well as spices and jewelry. In other streets you can find souvenir shops and fast food outlets. Strolling through the authentic street shops is a very special kind of shopping experience in this city.

Shopping in the mall

You can visit the most beautiful shopping centers of Bangalore with your mood. When after the shopping experience or in between the guests are hungry, it is time to look out for the second mainstay of this major Indian city in the context of tourism – the restaurants, cafes and bars of the city, which not only exude food culture in the middle of India, but also an important pillar of the income of the population of this Indian city are – the gastronomy or gourmet tourism.

Where it tastes delicious

There are whole tour groups, but also people traveling individually or as a couple, who usually visit this Indian city for just one reason – because of the large and varied culinary offerings. It is not just Indian cuisine that is dominant in the restaurants. In fact, many restaurants in the city specialize in Indian cuisine. In addition to delicious curries, there are also juicy skewered meat dishes and one or two fine drops in the form of wine or cognac, although here you are international. In addition to the opportunity to try international dishes in many restaurants, the main focus of gourmet tourists is on restaurants that offer typical and traditional Indian dishes. Of course, eating a delicious Indian dish prepared in one of the many cookshops is even more authentic.