Mumbai in India offers rickshaw rides through crowded streets for the travel enthusiast

Liveliness, vibrant colors, historical buildings, beauty and misery, splendor and poverty, contrasts that show what it means to be human can be found in one of the largest and most fascinating cities in the world: Mumbai. An exciting experience for travelers who want to experience India in all its diversity in one place. The metropolis, which was called Bombay until 1996, is one of the largest metropolises in India with 12. million inhabitants in the city and 28 million people including the outskirts. The city is located on a port and is divided into 24 boroughs. The main official languages are Marathi and English.

Mumbai in India offers rickshaw rides through crowded streets for the travel enthusiast
Mumbai in India offers rickshaw rides through crowded streets for the travel enthusiast


In the 16th century, Bombay was colonized by English merchants. What you can still see in the cityscape today in the many European influences in architecture. When India gained independence from the Kingdom of Eng-land in 1947, Mumbai developed into the country’s cultural capital. Even today, Mumbai offers a wealth of theaters, museums and cultural highlights. Especially the Museum -Dr Bhau Daji Lad Museum, stands out with its task as a city museum, just like the Theater-Prithvi, which has been in operation since 1944, is one of the oldest theaters in the city.


The symbol of the city is the – Gateway of India, a Victorian gate that is open to the harbor and is visited by numerous people, especially in the evening. Right next to it is the old and venerable -Taj Mahal Palace, a hotel in which everyone from politicians to pop stars has stayed. Its magnificent architecture is particularly beautiful. An hour’s boat ride from the hotel and the gate are the famous Elephanta Caves, which were built in the 8th century in honor of the god Shiva. Another impressive building that is even a UNESCO World Heritage Site is the Chhatrapati Shivji Terminus, a huge train station from which you can travel to all parts of India. In the old town numerous bazaars invite you to discover: from exotic spices to imitation luxury bags you can get everything there. Rickshaw rides are particularly fun, with this vehicle you can experience the city up close and, in warm temperatures, let the wind blow around your nose. Many rickshaw rides are also long at the sights. A convenient way to explore the city. Many parks invite you to relax and meditate. Often residents and tourists meet to meditate, pray or practice yoga on the well-tended green spaces of the city. In the evening the metropolis is transformed into a sea of ​​a thousand lights and adventures. The streets are full of people and stories that captivate you.


In the kitchen of the Melting Pot you can also notice the 5000 year history as well as the influences from all over the world. A multitude of spices and ingredients give Mumbai’s dishes a kaleidoscope of scents. The favorite drink is the spicy chai, which is served with almost all meals. In the numerous districts you can find everything from inexpensive street food to elegant restaurants. This city has something for every taste, whether spicy curries, dosas (lentil cakes), fruity chutneys made from coconut or chillies, or sweet desserts made from marzipan.

Anyone who is open to an exciting and shimmering city should not miss this city. For travel enthusiasts, Mumbai’s streets offer a carpet of inspiration and, with its contrasts, the feeling of really being alive.