Modernity and tradition fascinate strangers from all over Mumbai India

The beauties of India fascinate travelers big and small right away. Above all, the skilful transition of modernity and tradition makes the country a popular travel destination, where many impressions are guaranteed never to be forgotten. Especially not where the residents of the state present themselves as extremely hospitable and like to present their homeland in a beautiful splendor. Foreigners are welcomed here with open arms, so that they can feel the breath of Indian culture up close and, in many places, even smell it! After all, Indian cuisine is known worldwide for its incredible spices, which also know how to unfold in the streets of Mumbai. In that city in particular, the unadulterated impression of India is guaranteed, although modernity is not neglected here. One more reason to save up for a trip to India, where the local cost of living is unbeatably cheap!

Modernity and tradition fascinate strangers from all over Mumbai India
Modernity and tradition fascinate strangers from all over Mumbai India

A trip to India is always full of surprises

The Indian west coast in particular is very popular with travellers, which is certainly due to the notorious city of Mumbai. There, where the elephant cave is at home as a sight and the triumphal arch, numerous destinations await the traveler. Foreigners who do not know their way around here need not despair in the metropolis, where the inhabitants are extremely hospitable. In any case, the local taxis don’t cost much, but self-catering according to Indian tradition is also much more affordable than full board in the hotel! It’s also a great way to taste the tradition of Indian cuisine while paying more attention to Mumbai’s sights, and it’s easy to see that the west coast city has quite a few of them!

The balancing act between modernity and tradition

Modernity and tradition have been in harmony with each other in India for many years. Nevertheless, the inhabitants make sure that they do not mix too much and that the Indian traditions are not lost. Incidentally, in favor of the travelers, because this way you can enjoy the unadulterated impression of the west coast city on every trip. Nobody has to stay hungry for the sights mentioned, where the street food on site simply reveals the variety of Indian cuisine for sometimes less than three euros per dish! The sights mentioned above fascinate at first sight, but they are only a part of those that can still be admired on site. Temples as far as the eye can see, modern buildings, legacies from the colonial era and much more is waiting to be discovered by holidaymakers in Mumbai’s city.

Mumbai is an Indian city of extremes

Meanwhile, Mumbai’s beaches ensure a varied relaxation in the evening, so that after all the sights and the busy streets, a little rest should be good. Especially for foreigners, the metropolis is often a bit noisy, but that is not particularly surprising with so many lively residents! India embodies traditions in harmony with modern accents like no other country, which is immediately apparent in the city near the west coast. There, where in the evening a walk on the beach is possible and the city forms a contrast between wealth and severe poverty that seems to attract tourists from all over the world. So it is true to say that the city on the west coast of India is really known for its extremes, but that is what makes it uniquely appealing to get to know. Where modernity and tradition fascinate, the Indian cities are not far. No country in the world manages to merge the colonial era, faith, poverty and wealth as skillfully as this country. That’s exactly why it invites tourists from all over the world to take a closer look at this spectacle of extremes on site.