Mallorca with the world famous party mile and beautiful beaches

Immerse yourself in an extraordinary natural backdrop that immediately enchants

Versatile, fascinating, breathtakingly beautiful and potentially surprising; these attributes characterize the Balearic island of Mallorca, which rightly bears the title “Island beauty of the Balearic Islands”. With an impressive mix of spectacular natural scenery, exciting culture, first-class cuisine and a lot of history, the island takes you into a breathtakingly beautiful scenery, which, interspersed with numerous sights and impressive nature, captivates holidaymakers sustainably and could not be more wonderful, multifaceted and exciting subjectively.

Mallorca with the world famous party mile and beautiful beaches
Mallorca with the world famous party mile and beautiful beaches

Mallorca impresses with its exceptional versatility

The island, which is one of the tourist highlights of Spain, is surrounded by a unique flair that no one can escape. Fairytale beaches, extensive mountain ranges and idyllic villages characterize the north and west of Mallorca and create a wonderful contrast to the lively party miles around El Arenal and Cala Ratjada. The north, which is crossed by the Serra de Tramuntana, serves as a “hiking paradise”, especially during the summer months. Winding, enchanting paths pass through olive groves, citrus plantations and holm oak forests. The mountain range, which has been declared a “UNESCO World Heritage Site” since calendar year 2011, opens up the prospect of spectacular sections of the landscape and picturesque Mallorcan cultural landscapes.

With the GR 221 long-distance hiking trail, the Serra de Tramuntana hides a 130 km long hiking trail, which is one of the most beautiful hiking trails in Spain. The “Ruta de Pedra en Sec” enchants my friend and me every time we walk the hiking trail. Embedded in a unique cultural landscape made of dry stone walls, olive groves and terraced fields, the route gives a view of the typical country life that gives the quaint villages of Spain their unmistakable, authentic charm. A cave hike through the imposing Torrent de Pareis canyon is also an essential component for a successful holiday on the island.

The southern section of the island is dominated by the extensive Cabrera Archipelago National Park. In the time window between the calendar months of April and October, ferries head for the area, starting from Palma, Porto Petro and Sant Jordi. In the eastern part of the island, lonely, magical, small bays are lined up like a string of pearls. Surrounded by lush green forests, they are an insider tip and enable an extraordinary nature and bathing experience far away from the universal tourist flow. Our personal highlight is the Cala Varques bay, which can be reached from Portochristo. Light, fine sand and a picturesque landscape take you into a backdrop that invites you to relax. The best way to reach the bay is on foot. We basically combine a visit to the beach with a hike. We also like to visit lonely bays and beaches, which are located on the northernmost part of the island; the Cap Formentor. The Mirador es Colomer cliff path also creates a connection between three sensational viewing platforms.

The Bay of Calo des Marmols is also subjectively one of the most beautiful beaches in Spain. The easiest way to get to the bay is to take a one-hour hike from the starting point of the Cap de ses Salines lighthouse. Running parallel to the coast, the route passes jagged rocks and cliffs and a dry river bed. The sand in the bay is reminiscent of silk, so unreally fine and clear.

Between fairytale nature, party center and exciting cultural scene

Just like the impressive natural backdrop, the lively cultural scene gives the island its distinctive face. A visit to Mallorca’s hip party miles basically completes our trips to the Balearic Island. While the “Beer and Ham Street” on the popular Playa de Palma attracts with numerous cult clubs such as Bierkönig and Megapark and invites you to celebrate, Cala Ratjada is also a hotspot for party and celebration-hungry holidaymakers from all over the world. The trendy clubs and trendy bars of Cala Ratjada are close together, so that comfortable club hopping is possible at any time.

A visit to the trendy clubs around Playa de Palma basically promises a high level of party fun and entertainment, while clubbing in Cala Ratjada is comparatively quieter, but no less entertaining.

Impressive holidays with numerous facets

A holiday on the multifaceted island creates a fascinating symbiosis of nature, culture and cuisine that could not be more exciting. The spectacular mountain landscapes attract hikers and those looking for relaxation, whereas beaches and party centers attract bathing vacationers and scene-goers. For us, a vacation on the island lives from a variety of experiences that we have been living on for a long time.