Florence Italy Marche city for many foreigners

Florence is history in stone and you can feel it on every corner. If you want to experience something, breathe a little culture and history, then this city – one of the most important in Italy – is the best place to be. Why?

Florence Italy Marche city for many foreigners
Florence Italy Marche city for many foreigners

Breathe history

One cannot doubt it: there is hardly a city in the world that is so closely linked to the Renaissance, so closely interwoven with art and culture. And you can still see it, still feel it and still marvel at it. In every alley it feels like one of the artists might cross their own path and that they are on their way to paint a new work of art. That story is still there and may still be visible to strangers when visiting Florence. It is one of the brands of this entire region.


Due to the development of culture and history, this is also reflected in the buildings and so some of the most famous and beautiful buildings have been standing here for centuries. The Basilica di San Lorenzo is the largest church that can be found here and is right in the center of the market district. Many famous personalities and masters worked on the construction of the structure. And this church is so famous that everyone in the world has probably seen it before and it is one of the brands for Italy. The Palazzo Vecchio is also very well known and always an eye-catcher. He appears in some films and serves as a backdrop. As a museum, the Uffizi is a focal point for anyone who can enjoy Italian painting and wants to breathe even more culture. The visit becomes pure fireworks of the visual arts and history. One of the most famous statues of all time can be found in the Accademia. Here you can marvel at them and experience them live and let what you have already seen in so many films, series and pictures work on you.

Just let it work

Strangers will feel comfortable here and will get their money’s worth. This is due to the versatility that Florence has to offer. You sit down in a café or a pizzeria and look around. What is going on here? You listen to the people. You look around the buildings and then let your imagination wander. Who ran here centuries ago? The Middle Ages and the modern times were largely shaped in these streets and you can still experience this city in many places totally untouched.

Clear recommendation, even a must

Anyone who somehow wants to get some culture at some point, but still likes it sunny and is self-conscious anyway, has to visit this metropolis. So many centuries and so much art and so many foreigners have learned so many things here. You shouldn’t exclude yourself there, but also learn something, enjoy something and know why the Renaissance took off here. After a visit there are no more questions, you are just impressed.