Active travelers commute between the city and the beach in Izmir Turkey

The Turkish port city of Izmir, located on the Aegean coast, is a popular tourist city. There are a number of entertainment and shopping complexes in the port city. There is also a culture park with a zoological garden and an open-air theater in the port city. The central square in the urban area is Konak Square, where the clock tower is located. As in many other cities in Turkey, the transport links to the countryside and neighboring towns are very good. For this reason, a lot of active travel enthusiasts commute back and forth between Izmir and the hinterland every day, go on hikes and also visit the nearby beach.

Active travelers commute between the city and the beach in Izmir Turkey
Active travelers commute between the city and the beach in Izmir Turkey

Excursion destination on the city hill

Not far from the city limits of the port city is the hill Kadifekale and on this hill there is an ancient castle – high above the roofs of the Aegean metropolis. Except that you can get there by taxi and of course you can also walk there. Byzantine cisterns and mosque ruins can be admired in the castle. There is a small café at the entrance to the castle, where you can buy Turkish tea and coffee. From the terrace of the café you have a wonderful view of the Aegean Bay and a large part of the port city. There are definitely active travelers who come to the café in front of the castle every day and, so to speak, commute between their hotel and the wonderful view from there.

Immerse yourself in history

The port city, which itself looks back on a long history under Luwians, Hittites, Phrygians and Greeks, can be used as an excellent starting point for cultural tourism in Turkey. Ancient Ephesus is not far from the port city. The transport links 80 kilometers further south from the port city are ideal. With the rental car you are on the way to the ancient city, where the remains of the Temple of Artemis, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, stand for less than an hour. Around 80 kilometers further north of the Aegean port city is the ancient Greek city of Pergamon with its main attraction, the Acropolis. A little further away from Izmir – around three hours’ drive – are the healing thermal baths in Pamukkale. The limestone terraces there are also a popular tourist attraction.

Beach life on the Aegean Sea

Active travelers can also commute between their hotel in the port city to the numerous beaches in the vicinity. Not far from the port city is the long beach and there are also twelve small islands for swimming and resting. The picturesque bays and fishing villages are very picturesque and close to the port city. The infrastructure on the beaches is very well developed and the accessibility by rental car, but also by bus, is very good. The beach life at the gates of the port city on the Aegean Sea can be enjoyed to the full – whether as a single, as a group traveler or as a family with small children. There are many activities on the beach. The port city, which is known as the westernmost city in the Orient, is ideally suited for tourists who want to experience both beach life and millennia-old culture.