Places to visit in London for international visitors of foreign origin

London is not only the capital of England, but also one of the most fascinating cities in the world. Here you will find art treasures, culture and much more in a beautiful city center. The old town is an absolute highlight, especially for visitors of foreign origin. Let’s start the tour right at the Tower Bridge and directly behind it in the Tower are the Crown Jewels.

The Tower Bidge

It itself connects the two banks of the Thames, the home river of the state capital. The towers of the bridge are breathtaking and have been standing for about 200 years. From this place start some cruises along the Thames, which go down to Greenwich, in a suburb of London. Of course you can go for a wonderful walk here, in one of the most beautiful parks in the city. Greenwich is not only the green lung, but also Line 0, the prime meridian of world time. a planetarium right in the park so you can see various exhibitions and events. From here the ship also travels north again. Foreign visitors should not miss this excursion. Neither should you skip the London Eye. The Ferris wheel is always in its place and you need to book in advance so that you can get your own gondola for the family. The Ferris wheel takes you high over the Thames and you can see all kinds of sights in the city.

Places to visit in London for international visitors of foreign origin
Places to visit in London for international visitors of foreign origin

Numerous markets for those who love strolling

Those who like to stroll will find numerous markets, such as Leadenhall Market or Borough Market in the city center. The distances are often very short and you can connect one attraction with the next. Big Ben and the Parliament are also located directly on the Thames and here, too, there is usually only a short walk to other sights, parks or famous shops that make the shopping heart beat faster. The most popular shops are in Leicester Square, from there you can walk through China Town to Picadilly Circus. Here you will also find numerous shops that are only available in London. Cafés and restaurants, as well as legendary toy shops and much more, are located right on the main street.

Sacrilege fans from all over the world are welcome here to get to know quaint England. The story is said to have played out in Temple Church, an old church. The inner monuments and stones are beautiful, but so are the tombstones and the altar. Not only is Temple Church located in the beautiful city center, but also numerous locations for other films are in the center. On one of the beautiful city tours you can get to know hidden corners of the capital, such as Millennium Hall or Kings Cross train station, where to this day you can still photograph the suitcase trolley of the famous English sorcerer’s apprentice, which disappears through the wall. This is said to have been the legendary departure point of the Hogwarts Express, according to the books, which set out for Scotland every September 1st and brought students from all over England north to the Hogwarts Wizarding School.

Great Britain is a kingdom and of course the Queen rules here

Exactly from Buckingham Palace, probably the largest palace in the country. This stands in the middle of the capital and can be visited on certain days. Close by is Hyde Park with its huge lake and the “Winter Wonder Land”, which takes place there every December. This is a huge Christmas market that is beautifully colorful. Anyone else who would like to have a coffee can visit the rooftop restaurant of the Hilton Hotel, but be careful, sometimes foreign visitors have to order and reserve. A walk around Hyde Park Lake is always worthwhile. To the south of it is the world’s largest department store, the famous Harrods. There is not only delicious coffee and all kinds of delicacies here, but also very high quality fashion, beautiful jewelry and everything your heart desires. Directly opposite there is a very small but fine tea house where the famous cream tea is served. The British capital is diverse, unique and worth a visit at any time of the year.