London England is the top address for shopping tourists

London is one of the most spectacular cities in England and Europe and that is exactly what is reflected in the sprawling shopping scene. When shopping, no wishes remain unfulfilled, because the range of shops and boutiques is huge. Good time planning is of great importance in order not to lose track of the large number of shops. But the effort will be worth it, because you can choose from designer clothes as well as everyday clothes and vintage clothes. There is clothing for every occasion and in every price category. Nobody is neglected and everyone will find something. Suit shops, sports shops and accessories shops are located on every corner in the city and ensure a breathtaking shopping experience. Many well-known fashion stores can be found on Oxford Street. This metropolis in England promises a pure shopping experience and is an excellent address for tourists.

London England is the top address for shopping tourists
London England is the top address for shopping tourists

Pure shopping experience for everyone

Oxford Street

Not only in the capital of London, but worldwide, this street is one of the most visited places. Shopping tourists are in the right place here and enjoy high-quality fashion stores, jewelry stores and famous British brands and brand names from all over the world. You should definitely visit the Selfridges department store.


For high-quality designer fashion, Knightsbridge is the top address to go shopping. World-famous ones are recommended. The department stores offer a wonderful ambience and give an elegant impression. The shopping fever is guaranteed in this area for all shopping tourists.

Savile Row

London is also known for its stylish and extravagant style. The chic architectural development must also be reflected in the clothing of the people. That is why tourists always seek advice from men’s tailors. Made-to-measure suits should be bought in the Savile Row area and are the go-to place for most people. Men’s tailors have been based here for a very long time and delight tourists with their excellent service. It is said that this is where the suit originated.

Spitalfields Market

On the other hand, if you have a fetish for vintage dealers or second-hand clothing, you definitely have to go to Spitalfields Market. He is known for the many unusual clothes in cool style, which are mainly produced by independent artists. The diverse range is refined with different styles. This market is located near a train station and also offers a food market with fresh products and many small restaurants. There is thus the possibility of combining the shopping experience with a small snack.