France Paris City of Love Foreigners looking for a partner for a discreet fling

It may sound like a short message, but everyone knows what it means: France, Paris, city of love, but also city of longing and the search for eroticism and maybe for a discreet fling and love for sale. Translated, this means: The capital of France is ideally suited to – even if there is a partner at your side – to experience this city as a foreigner from its very sensitive side and on the Seine or in front of the Eiffel Tower or in the Moulin Rouge or in one Hotel to have a sex date after sightseeing. This is made possible by an escort agency that also offers an escort service for a travel companion. Because who knows: maybe you have to travel to the French capital as a businessman or businesswoman and therefore leave your normal life behind for a few days.

Experience the city of love

It’s not just the dream of newlyweds to kiss under the Eiffel Tower or to take a walk along the Seine. Even down-to-earth people who have a family, house and farm and actually have a ni-ce life at home simply want to break out – even if there is no reason to do so. Paris, the capital of France, offers plenty of opportunities. There are a large number of hotels in the city on the Seine. And their employees are quite secretive. In addition, it will not be the case that as a foreigner you will run into neighbors, acquaintances or even relatives in the French capital of all places if you yourself are having a sex date with a lady or gentleman from the escort service and are about to have a fling or this has already happened. And who knows, maybe the trip to the French capital can turn into a trip to find a partner.

France Paris City of Love Foreigners looking for a partner for a discreet fling
France Paris City of Love Foreigners looking for a partner for a discreet fling

Why City of Love?

But why is it actually the case that France’s capital is called the city of love? First of all, couples in love can actually be seen everywhere – in front of the Eiffel Tower and also directly on the Seine. In addition, the Paris tourism industry in the form of hotels, restaurants and souvenir sellers openly and aggressively fuels the cliché of an adventurous city. However, the major tour operators and, last but not least, Hollywood have the largest share in the city’s corresponding advertising. For this reason, people of all ages associate the capital of France with the concept of love and also the concept of eroticism and ultimately the possibility of a discreet fling if you commission an escort agency to send a lady or a gentleman to the city on the Seine accompanied. And if you want to go looking for a partner, you are in good hands in the French capital. A lot of singles come here too, maybe to find a partner for life.

Passionate Places

In addition to the obligatory kiss on or in front of the Eiffel Tower, there are other hotspots in the French capital that are ideal for a sex date. A boat trip on the Seine can also be full of sensitivity. Mysterious places in France’s capital are also the Moulin Rouge, since the call girls here almost scatter the eroticism in their tight dresses, which are made of little material. And going to one of the numerous Parisian restaurants can also be very erotic and passionate with the lady or gentleman from the escort agency. France’s culinary delights and exquisite cuisine – whether grande cuisine or nouvelle cuisine – has a lot to offer and alone inspires enthusiasm. Of course, love can also be bought in the French capital.