Short trip for visitors to Mallorca Spain best time for cycling and hiking

Mallorca is the largest of the Balearic Islands. Politically, the island belongs to Spain. Cheap flights and a short trip are ideal. If you don’t want to take part in the Ballermann or would like to lie on the beach to enjoy the sun, you can go on hiking and cycling tours and with the Vespa. Put on your cycling and hiking shoes and your helmet and start a great holiday in Spain. You want to unpack your sunglasses and (if you rent a Vespa) feel the warm wind in your hair while driving. There is a Mediterranean climate, which can lead to new feelings of happiness in the winter and autumn months. Vitamin D production is stimulated. At the same time, you should make sure that there is enough sunscreen, because the sun can be higher in the south than in the north.

Short trip for visitors to Mallorca Spain best time for cycling and hiking
Short trip for visitors to Mallorca Spain best time for cycling and hiking

Beauties and advantages of nature

On the tour you can take a few stops for contemplation to get to know the beauties and advantages of nature. There are bathing beaches with a sea of ​​turquoise blue color, great nature with extensive flora and fauna and in the city there are opportunities for culinary meals and a lively nightlife for visitors, if you want a change after the tour. Even in the winter months, visitors can expect a pleasant temperature in the mild range on a short trip. From April to October it is midsummer. The hinterland consists of olive trees, cypresses and the Tramuntana mountains, which can be explored on foot or by bike. The island has numerous caves. Those who like it more relaxed can try their hand at golf on the numerous golf courses. For people who love diving and who want to jump into the cold water after a long and hot hiking and cycling tour in summer, there are opportunities for discovery in the Mediterranean. The water temperatures are pleasant and ensure the mild climate on the island in winter. In shallow waters you can discover a lot of the flora and fauna in the Mediterranean waters with a snorkel and diving goggles. The water has a good transparency, so you won’t lose sight of any details behind your mask.

Food options after cycling and hiking

After the hiking tour you are looking for food and relaxation in the Mallorcan cuisine. Rice dishes and seafood from the Mediterranean are very popular, as are the lamb chops with fresh Mediterranean vegetables. Delicious red wines are served with the dishes. In the night life there are bars, discos and you have to comply with the Corona regulations at the same time. Hospitality is very important in Mallorca. For hikers and strollers, the capital Palma de Mallorca offers many sights and opportunities for discovery. Visitors can visit the castle “Castell de Bellver” and stop off at one of the numerous cafes and restaurants. Pretty buildings and alleys complement the cityscape in a rustic and Mediterranean way.


In conclusion, it can be said that the largest island in the Balearic Islands offers many opportunities for hiking, cycling and driving through the diverse nature. If you are looking for an alternative, you can stop by the numerous cafes and restaurants serving Mediterranean cuisine and find a place to relax after a long tour, to stop for a moment and gain added value on the trip in addition to cycling and hiking.