In Turkey Bodrum discos clubs and bars for young tourists

Anyone who vacationed in Bodrum, Turkey about 20 years ago could expect a quiet beach vacation: sunbathe on the beach of Gümlet during the day, go water skiing or take a banana boat along the coast and in the evening go out onto the slopes and have fun until the early hours of the morning. Anyone who goes there today can celebrate endlessly and turn the nights into days, because today’s motto there is “See and be seen”.

In Turkey Bodrum discos clubs and bars for young tourists
In Turkey Bodrum discos clubs and bars for young tourists

Numerous bars and pubs

Bars and pubs that party until late into the night but open their doors in the morning, elegant clubs, hotel complexes in all price ranges and chic discos await young tourists there. A colorful and mixed crowd from all over Europe makes the city so unique, loud, lively and entertaining.

In the past, the Turkish city was also considered one of the most important cities in the Mediterranean region in ancient times. The Persian king named Mausolos erected an incredibly large tomb there and it was named one of the Seven Wonders of the World. After an earthquake, it was the crusaders who rediscovered the beautiful city and so they decided to go to St. Peters. Build a fortress on the Aegean Sea. In the following centuries this was considered a boring fishing village until the poet Cevat Sakir was exiled to Bodrum because he criticized the regime. However, he invited all of his friends and took the opportunity to celebrate. The city owes its reputation as the party capital of the Turkish coast, where people still like to party today.

But even if many young tourists find their way into the lively city, the problem often arises that the choice of many discos, clubs and bars is simply too big.

A guide like this is always useful

In the Fasil Café Rasit you can experience the finest Turkish music, a noble atmosphere and belly dancing every evening from exactly 11 a.m. This bar is one of the highlights of the city and is almost overcrowded every evening, which is why it is worth booking a table a few days in advance. In addition to the best mocha in town, there are unusual, colorful cocktails.
However, if you are more of a party animal, you will definitely like the Halikarnass Disco. Loud music, always a bit crowded, but the atmosphere here is good. It is said that those who often go on vacation to Turkey and have never been to Halicarnass have not really celebrated. In addition, you can sit on the terrace in summer, relax, enjoy cocktails and dance under the stars. If you don’t like it too crowded, the elegant and stylishly furnished Amigos Bar is definitely the better place to party. It is located in the center of the city and here you can not only listen to music and sit around, but also have a delicious dinner. Above all, you should try the many different variations of tapas. And if you like the Victorian, the Whitehouse Bar in Bodrum will be a great place to be. Lots of party-goers gather here every evening and the atmosphere is great. You can hear the best DJs in Turkey playing house, brit pop, techno and chart hits. The party will definitely go on into the early hours of the morning.