Architectural beauty and entertainment for short breaks in Hamburg Germany

The cosmopolitan metropolis of Hamburg is the perfect destination for a weekend trip or a short vacation. In the Hanseatic city you can discover impressive architecture, breathtaking views and an abundance of sights. Entertainment for every interest is guaranteed.

Architectural beauty and entertainment for short breaks in Hamburg Germany
Architectural beauty and entertainment for short breaks in Hamburg Germany

Short vacationers discover all facets of Hamburg

Hardly any other city in Germany delights short vacationers as much as the metropolis of Hamburg. A three- to four-day short vacation is recommended to discover unique architectural structures. Since the actual city center is small, most of the sights can be perfectly explored during a leisurely stroll. The port city is best explored from the water. A steamboat trip on the Alster should therefore definitely be on the excursion program.

Major architectural sights

There is more than just an impressive architectural structure to discover in downtown Hamburg. In no other city in Germany were clinker bricks so skilfully designed to be eye-catchers. Tourists can discover the most beautiful brick buildings in the Speicherstadt. The listed Chilehaus and Sprinkenhof should be mentioned here as examples. The Chilehaus is the most famous architectural beauty in this country. This building, including the Speicherstadt with the Kontorhaus district, was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2015. The largest office building in Hamburg is the Sprinkenhof. After the building was completed more than 8 decades ago, the Sprinkenhof was the largest warehouse, business and residential building in Hamburg. The magnificent town hall is also worth seeing.

Impressive architectural building – the Hamburg Elbphilharmonie

The Elbphilharmonie is practically the calling card of today’s Hamburg. This tourist attraction directly on the Elbe has meanwhile become an integral part of the metropolis’ skyline. This unique architectural beauty at the Port of Hamburg impresses short vacationers with its lavish, modern facade. The building can be reached directly by ship from the landing stages. The landmark of the modern port city was officially opened at the beginning of 2017. Due to the high construction costs and the long construction time, this building is one of the most famous buildings in Germany. A visit to the Elbphilharmonie is worthwhile not only because of the imposing architecture, but also because of the stylistically varied entertainment on offer. The building also houses the 4-star plus hotel. Guided tours of this architectural beauty are available. The Hamburg Elbphilharmonie is surrounded by numerous parks and restaurants. In the immediate vicinity are the interesting sights of the automobile museum Prototyp and Meßmer Momentum.

Entertainment for every interest

The range of entertainment options for all ages and interests in Hamburg is almost limitless. The Hamburg Cathedral, which is not a church, is an event location three times a year for a fun folk festival with an abundance of attractions such as ghost trains and carousels. Every year visitors can look forward to new attractions. The most famous red light and entertainment district for night owls in Germany is the Hamburg Reeperbahn. Although the mile stretches for a length of less than 1000 meters, it inspires with an incomparable celebration culture. This amusement hotspot hosts colorful musicals, sparkling shows and live music in many clubs. Music lovers eager to explore can look forward to a colorful entertainment program consisting of live music, sights, other entertaining programs and a unique atmosphere. The atmosphere in the surrounding area is electrifying after dusk. All around the mile, various restaurants, hip cocktail bars and cozy soccer bars invite you to linger, celebrate and enjoy.